Wednesday, November 14, 2012

base coaches and stoplights

A few weeks ago, I went out with Reese and Sara.  (Surprise!)

No, going "out" does not mean what you think it means.

We went to Shop Good to find Sara some Warby Parkers so she could finally join the rest of us cool kids.  (Reese, you're next.)  We ate food at The Mule.  We had dessert at Cuppies.  And guess what, none of the food was planned.  But, if you know anything about anything, you know we don't do things without eating food.

While we were hanging out, we had some really important conversations. 

Like how Sara thinks the stoplights in Nichols Hills go really quickly so that you're never waiting for too long because those janky Nichols Hills people probably complained saying, "Um, like, I should not have to sit at a light that long.  So, like, fix it."

What's funny is that she almost rented a house in Nichols Hills a week later.

But then she decided to move to The Village, which pretty much holds neighborhood hands with Nichols Hills.

Then we discussed how I think the rules of baseball should be changed.  I'm what some would call an expert on all things athletic, so you should probably listen up.

Let's talk base coaches.  Do we need them?  Do we really need them?  Here's my deal.  I feel like it's not fair.  In football, does the quarterback have a coach out on the field jumping up and yelling at them, telling them exactly where they should throw and who's open?  Nope.  They just have to figure it out for themselves.  Do grown men playing a sport professionally need other grown men to tell them if they should run or not?  I mean, surely not, right?  And if you don't like the idea of having to maybe survey your surroundings a bit more or run and take a look backwards to keep your eye on the game, then don't be a baseball player.  It should just be what you sign up for.

(Please remember my credentials before ripping me to shreds.  I played softball for one year in elementary school and I cried when I struck out.  Then I quit.)

All this to say, I'm glad I have friends like Sara and Reese to have these kinds of conversations with. 


  1. Love the photo...this is the essence of the friendship of the three of you - rolled up into one pic! How lucky all three of you have each other.

    1. This came up on my other case you don't know who this's Sara's mommy. :)

    2. Yes, we definitely are lucky to have each other! :)


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