Tuesday, November 13, 2012

no more nursing

It's been several weeks now and boy, is it great!  There are the occasional fleeting thoughts of, Aww, I'm sad I won't get to nurse him again.  But like I said, they are fleeting.  All in all, it's wonderful being done.  After officially putting away all of our bottle equipment last week, the breast pump has been stored away and the nursing pads and pump and save bags have been given to new, nursing mothers. 

There are many benefits to being done.

I can sleep on my tummy!

I can wear a sports bra!

I can leave the hooter hider at home!

I don't have to pump!

I don't have to plan ahead for every little detail of a day!

I don't have to worry about my supply!

I don't have to isolate myself to go feed in another room!  (I didn't have to start doing this until Duke got to be about 8ish months.  Nursing an 8 month old under a hooter hider is an absolute joke.)

And yes, all of those things deserve exclamation points!  Here's another for you!  And another!

I'm done nursing.  I really am.  But there's one thing I just can't let go of.

Yes, the 12 ounces of frozen breast milk that remain in my freezer.  I should probably go see a separate counselor for this issue.  It's like once I get rid of that, I literally have nothing to show for my nursing days.  Not that I'm ever parading around, waving my frozen breast milk in the air saying, "LOOK!  THIS IS MINE!  I DID THIS!"  But still.  Hopefully in the next few weeks, I can throw it into some of Duke's oatmeal or something to get rid of it.  One last hurrah for him, I suppose.  Then Duke and I can say our last goodbyes to the breast milk. 

It's been real, breast milk.  See you again when #2 comes around.


  1. ahhhh, sweet boob freedom:-) my little guy is almost practically completely weaned. It's so nice to get dressed in the mornings not caring about what is easy to pull up or down or unbutton! It was a special time while it lasted though! xoxo

    1. Yes! I'm not even sure how I managed to not mention that! After 9 months of pregnancy and 1 year of breastfeeding, I've pretty much forgotten how to dress. :)

  2. YOU HAVE YOUR BODY BACK!!!!!!!! :) That's what I keep thinking... And yes, the thought of being able to wear ANYTHING without having to think "will I be able to to nurse her easily?" is such an amazing thing. And not having to "go to the back" is definitely a win. It is worth adding as many exclamation points as necessary!!!!! :) I'm so glad you and Duke are done with this season.

  3. to my knowledge, my mother still has frozen breast milk in her fridge. at least she still did a couple of years ago. her youngest just turned 25. :)


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