Monday, November 26, 2012

weekend review - family, screens, and thanksgiving

Because Thanksgiving started on Wednesday for us, I thought I'd start my recap there.  We spent Wednesday and Thursday in Stillwater.  It was such a wonderful time.  Something I didn't expect to be as wonderful as it was was not thinking about Duke's meals.  I didn't have to because one, I wasn't the one cooking and two, the Thanksgiving feast lends itself to a lot of mushy foods for a 13 month old.  Not planning his food for a few days in a row was lovely.

 (Brandon caught this memorable stank face.)

(Our yummy blackberry cream pie from Cuppies!)

So many fun things happened.  I think one of my most favorite things was the reference to being on your laptop, iPad or iPhone as being "on your screen."  The phrase was always used when someone entered the room.

"Oh, so we're doing screen time now."

"Well, if everyone's going to be on their screens I'm just going to go home."

It was just hilarious to me every time.  And I actually just laughed typing it out.

Duke also got to ride a horse for the first time!

It was such a great time with them.  We had many, many laughs and great conversations.  Their home is so welcoming and you can do nothing but be relaxed and at ease while you're there.  I loved our time there this holiday.

On Friday morning, we left to go to my parents' house.  We stuffed our faces with Thanksgiving dinner #2 and it was good.  When you get married, double presents at Christmas is great.  But double feasts at Thanksgiving may even be better.

 (The table at my parents' house.)

I'm telling you, between my in-laws house and my parents house, it felt like a 3-day retreat in the woods/country.  Although I was excited to see my parents move into their new home, I was sad to let go of the one I grew up in.  I think I just had a hard time imagining another place feeling like home.   Sure enough, this place feels just like home to me.  It's warm, cozy, and my mom's decorating makes it feel welcoming and familiar.  I love that house and I love thinking about spending many more holidays there.

We ate, chatted, half-fell asleep while watching football, and then got to enjoy the hot tub for the first time that evening.  After I got out, my body was numb from the heat and I couldn't wait to go home and crawl in bed.  

Saturday morning, Colt, Duke, and I woke up refreshed and ate a little buffet of Dunkin Donuts, eggs, and toast.  We relaxed all morning and as soon as Duke went down for his first nap, we put up the tree, unpacked from the previous days, and did some cleaning/picking up.  Some of our friends were coming over that afternoon/evening (including Mackenzie and DH who we never see!) to watch the Bedlam game and eat dinner.

(I know, our star needs some help.)

What a sweet time it was.  It's truly a blessing when you get together with old friends who you haven't seen in 1.5 years and pick up right where you left off.  I know Mackenzie and DH are doing/learning great things where they are, but man, I selfishly wish they lived right here in OKC.  Being with all of these friends was a great cherry on top of a lovely holiday. 

On Sunday, we had a really great service at church (which deserves to mentioned in a separate post), got to nap, and went on a walk before dinner.  As I walked with my two boys in the chilly weather, I was so aware of everything I've been given.  I'm so SO blessed and I know it.  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family.


  1. I LOVE LOVE that first picture of Duke - so hilarious! I'm jealous you had such a relaxing thanksgiving - ours was fun but driving took up nearly 2 full days :(

    I'm jealous you got to see Mackenzie and DH! Maybe I can see YOU soon???


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