Friday, January 4, 2013

safe auto jingle

Let's talk about this Porch Singers business.

In case you missed it, this is where it began.  We saw that there was a jingle contest for Home Creations and thought it'd be funny to enter.  So we did.  And we won!  It was exciting and hilarious all at the same time.

Shortly after winning that contest, I heard about another one with Safe Auto.  We decided it was worth a shot.  Click on the "Do the Jingle" picture at the top left or here to vote for us.  Also, we'd love for you to "like" our Facebook page.  This way, we can keep you updated on the contest and remind you to keep voting. 

So why are we doing this?

Honestly, we like singing together.  We like arranging music.  We like all things a cappella.  It's not because we like singing under the name of "The Porch Singers" with the intent of being world famous jingle arrangers.  (But if you want to pay us to do your jingle we'd totally do it.)

But the bottom line is this:  we'd love to win.  We love music and we love making music together.  So if you love music and find our jingle pleasant to the ear, please send a few votes our way.  And by a few, I mean like 50 votes a day would be nice.  To keep up in this competition, we need people to vote several times every day.

Already we've had so many friends and family pull together to move us up in the rankings.  Yesterday we started in 79th place and ended the day in 39th.  That's crazy, y'all!  If we can keep it up and maintain it, we just could win this thing.

The annoying part?  It's not over until February 28th.  So not only will you be sick of hearing about it but we'll be sick of talking about it.  Trust me, every time you roll your eyes as you read another tweet or status update, know that I was rolling mine as I typed it.  I hate to be a bother, but I also really would love to win.

All of this to say - Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who have helped and are helping us out.  Keep pressing that green button!

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