Thursday, January 3, 2013

holiday review 2012

I'm going to attempt to recap the past two weeks.

I'll jump way back to the Tuesday before Christmas.  A bunch of my friends and I had our little evening of Christmas singing at Cuppies.

If you missed it, you have to come next year!

The Saturday before Christmas, I had a salon day with Sara and Reese.  I made 3 back-to-back appointments with Felicia.  So we talked, got our hair done, and enjoyed breakfast from Starbucks.  Later that night I ate BBQ and watched "Pitch Perfect," which was like a combo of "Mean Girls" and "Bring it On."  Which means I loved it.

The days leading up to Christmas were with my side of the family.

(I love them.)

We all spent the night at my parents' home and woke up on Christmas Eve together.  After a day of relaxing, food, and presents, we each went our separate ways to be involved in our Candlelight services.


 (My view on Christmas Eve.)

On Christmas morning, we packed the car and headed to Stillwater.  I was so excited to stop by Dunkin Donuts on the way, but we pulled up to a vacant building with no sign of life.  Surely 24-hour Dunkin Donuts will be open on Christmas Day.  Nope.  Our next option was McDonald's.  And, no, I'm not above it.  But it was closed Because food can make or break a moment for me, I was feeling a bit angry.  But we made it to Stillwater with a gas station granola bar and cup of coffee in our bellies.

We got to see family members from Minnesota and I got to meet one of Colt's uncles for the first time.  We filled our days with eating, naps, trips to the coffee shop, and games.

After spending 4 fun days in Stillwater, we made our way home so we could attend Megan and Bryan's wedding.  It was a lovely wedding and really fun night out.

This past Saturday, I started off the day with a run at a park near our house.  It was beautiful.

That night, we all spent the night at my parents' home again because we were doing a little Clifford/Westbrook family music the next day at CRBC.  You know, as cheesy as it may sound or look, we really do love singing together.

As for the New Year, we rang it in with several friends at our house.  Two years ago, there were zero kids at our house.  One year ago, there were 3 kids at our house.  This year, there were 7 kids at our house.  Does this mean next year we'll have 15 kids?  Who knows.  I wouldn't put it past all my baby-makin'-machine friends.

(The hoppin-est New Year's Eve Party you've ever seen!)

It was a really fun night.  We ate snacky foods and watched Taylor Swift botch up her own songs.  Like I said, it was really fun.

Best part of this holiday season though?  Colt had 11 days off and we spent them all together as a family of three.  I absolutely loved it.

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