Tuesday, February 19, 2013

weekend review - i (almost) literally ate the entire weekend

This Valentine's weekend started off with some lovely art by my husband.

Because I played at Cuppies with Karlie on Valentine's Day, Colt and I went out on Friday.

We went to Musashi's, where I are everything on my plate plus the last few bites of Colt's rice.  The evening was topped off with Starbucks and this lovely snow!

Saturday morning we left for Norman to play at a youth event for the weekend.  In between the morning and evening sessions, we hung out with the Sullivans - some of our favorite people.   We ate at Chimy's for lunch.

My yummy fish tacos were followed by some coffee at Gray Owl.

I must say, being out and about from the hours of 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. is really pretty odd for me.  Unless I have a babysitter, my eyes never see restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, etc. during that time.  That's naptime, folks.  Along with that, if I want a nap myself, I take it during those hours.  So after we got back to the Sullivan household, Colt and I decided to lie down for awhile.  A nap at 5:15??  How crazy-wonderful it was!

We played the evening session for the youth and then went to dinner at Blackbird with Eric and Ashley.

We had the pub fries covered in Gorgonzola and the spinach/artichoke pot stickers to start with.  For my main course, I chose the meatloaf.

I know, meatloaf.  I wouldn't have pegged me as an order-er of meatloaf in a restaurant.  But I suppose I am.  It was the most incredible meatloaf I've ever I tasted.  It was accompanied by truffle oil mashed potatoes.  I am wondering - why do I not douse everything I ever eat in truffle oil?  It is heavenly.

So after they rolled me out of the restaurant like when Violet turned Violet, we made it home for a game of Gin Rummy while singing along to the Rihanna Pandora station.  You should hear Ashley and me do B's "Crazy in Love" together.  It's impressive.

I almost hate to admit this, but Combos were consumed during this portion of the evening.  Why are they so good?

The next morning, we woke up and enjoyed a tasty brunch by Eric and Ashley.

(Mug made by our talented friend, Hanna.)

This weekend was absolutely glorious.  We loved getting to spend time with some great friends and spend time together as a couple.  This was our 5th time total away from Duke overnight.  I've probably said this every time it's ever happened, but you guys, you need a night away from your kid(s).  Our first little vacation away from Duke was for 2 nights/3 days when he was 5 months and I'm so glad we did it.  It's just made it easier and easier each time knowing that there are plenty of people who will love and care for Duke while we're gone.  (P.S.  Mimi and Pappaw, you guys were awesome!)

I was so glad to get back to my little guy.  I love him with everything in me.

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  1. Ahhhhh!!!!! We had SO.MUCh.FUN. hanging out with you guys! It was seriously one of my favorite weekends ever :)

    Can I just say, I am craving truffle oil and Gorgonzola cream right now. Nom nom nom.

    1. I know, I absolutely LOVED it!! Thanks for hosting us! :)


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