Monday, April 29, 2013

weekend review - a play date, a hairstyle, and a half marathon

This past weekend started off with a little play date on Friday morning.

(Look at all those crazies.)

On Friday night, Sara and I took Reese out for her birthday extravaganza.

We started off at Lush getting our hair blown out and styled.  (I'll post much more about all of this later including some crazy before/afters!)

Next up was Will's Lobby Bar, Musashi's, and, last but not least, Cuppies and Joe.  We had so much fun celebrating Reese's 27th birthday.  We ate until we couldn't breathe and we laughed until we couldn't breathe.  That pretty much equals the perfect night for us.

The only not-so-perfect thing about the night was that the one time we've ever gone to get our hair styled together was the time that it poured rain (and some hail).  And if you know anything about our kind of hair (which is the kind of hair that must remain in dry, wind-less places to remain in its perfect state), you know it did not outlast the precipitation.  Our waves came back full throttle by the end of the night.  But you know what?  At least we weren't the ones that had to fix our hair that day.  At least we have that.

We topped off the evening at Reese's house by watching some clips of Ellen and almost every one of the Pentatonix videos available on Youtube.  It was a lovely night.

On Saturday, I woke up, ran errands, went to a baby shower, and spent the rest of the afternoon with Colt.  He dropped Duke off in Stillwater earlier in the day.  So we got to leisurely get ready, pick up our house, and head downtown to grab our race packets and enjoy a bit of the Arts Festival.

We went to dinner at Joey's Pizza with some of our friends (and fellow half marathoner) to get all carbed up for the race.  So hardcore.

Actually, not that hardcore because we went to Kaiser's right after for shakes.  We like to run, but we also like to eat.

That night, I had the worst possible pre-race sleep ever.  My throat was really itchy and sore, keeping me from falling asleep.  I might've slept a total of 30 straight minutes.  Not an awesome start to my race day.

I'm planning on doing a whole post dedicated to all of the details of the half marathon, but for now, I'll give you a brief synopsis.  The weather was great, I finished, and I beat last year's time by a little over 2 minutes.

After a nice day of resting, Colt's parents brought Duke back home to us.  I missed my boy, but he sure had a lot of fun at Mimi and Pappaw's house!

 (Duke and Uncle Brandon)

(The future Mike Morgan?)

(Loved being reunited with this guy.)

Have a great week!


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