Monday, May 6, 2013

weekend review - my ryan lewis voice, a hotel getaway, and nap hair

Karlie and I got to lead music for Heritage Baptist Church's women's retreat this past weekend in Norman.  The week leading up to the retreat, I had been sick-ish.  I wasn't legitimately sick, so I guess it was allergies?  I had a really sore throat and runny nose for several days.  Last Tuesday, I could sing a B - the octave below middle C.  And although I could do a really great Ryan Lewis impression while singing, "Like the ceiling can't hold us," I needed my voice to be back to normal for the retreat.  Thankfully, I woke up on Friday and felt pretty good.  It wasn't 100% back, but I sounded a little more like myself.

We did a session on Friday night and then grabbed some ice cream with some of the ladies.  I love a good cup of ice cream, but I also couldn't wait to get back to the hotel.

 (Our goodie baskets provided by HBC)

Sprawling out in that hotel bed and falling asleep to the TV was such a luxury.  Karlie was maybe a bit worried about my mental state after declaring, "Ohhh, this is sooo funnnn!" after every little thing I did in that hotel room.

We woke up on Saturday, had a little breakfast, and then did session #2.

For lunch, we went to Local in Norman.  I'd heard so much about it and really wanted to try it out.  It did not disappoint.

And guess who our waitress was?  Samantha Crain.  She's a fellow OBU alum who's moving on up in the world with her music.  (You can listen to her here.) 

We did the last session and packed up to head back home.  It was a nice little 24-hour getaway and I loved getting to be with Karlie.


I was definitely glad to see this guy though.

(This was Duke's post-nap hair on Friday afternoon.)

On Saturday night, Colt and I were sitting on the couch, watching Duke play, and wondering what the heck we were going to make for dinner.  But in perfect timing, Mark showed up at our house to pick something up and asked us to come over for dinner.  He grilled burgers, made baked beans, and I threw some potatoes together.  It was so fun and so yummy.

On Sunday after church, we went to Scholotsky's with Sara, the Suarezes, and our friend Kent who was in town.  I just love seeing the kiddos together.  Especially during meal time when they're strapped to a chair and have choice but to interact.  Cooper and Duke had a great time shaking their heads like crazy people for a good chunk of the time.  Camryn didn't participate, but she did steal Cooper's big boy drink whenever he wasn't watching.  That Camryn Suarez is a feisty one!

I think today marks the downhill slide of the busiest 3ish weeks of my life post baby.  I love to be busy, but I also love to stay in my pajamas until 3 p.m. every once and awhile.  Looking forward to doing that soon.  Have a great week!

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