Wednesday, June 19, 2013

top 10 things to do in portland

A few weeks ago, we visited one of our most favorite places on earth - Portland.  It was our 5th time to visit, so it's actually starting to feel like a second home to us.  The weather is a nice change, the sidewalks are wonderful, and the people are extremely unique, but friendly.  And aside from all of that, there a bajillion things to do, eat, and see.  Although I'm pretty sure I'll leave some things out, here's a pretty good list of our favorites in Portland (in no particular order):

1.  Parks.  Pre-motherhood, this wouldn't have made the list.  But when you visit Portland with kids, parks are a must.  They're beautiful and green and might even have fun book characters roaming around.  (Laurelhurst Park, Piccolo Park, Grant park to name a few)

2.  Playdate PDX.  (Obviously, another post-motherhood suggestion.)  When a humongous play area meets a tasty coffee shop, a parent finds absolute bliss.  The kids loved it, I got to drink a mocha, and Colt got to stop hearing about how I wanted a mocha.  Everyone was happy.  They even serve lunch/dinner items so you could literally spend the entire day there.  It's brilliant.

3.  Multnomah Falls.  Hiking around these waterfalls is pretty gorgeous.  Pack a lunch and spend the morning/afternoon there.

4.  Cannon Beach.  You've probably seen it in movies or in other people's pictures, so why not go yourself?  It's beautiful and a great photo op.  Especially if you're 23 weeks pregnant.  (No, this is not a current pregnancy picture and no this is not an announcement to number 2.)

5.  Farmer's Market.  Portland's farmer's market is great for the whole family.  Spend your morning or afternoon perusing the yummy foods and drinks while enjoying the unique musicians that line the area.

6.  Por Que No?  Exactly.  Why not eat the tastiest street style tacos?  There's no reason why you shouldn't eat here at least once while in Portland.  But twice is recommended.

7.  Portland City Grill.  Go at night and enjoy a beautiful view of the city over some tasty food.

(Colt the Friendly Ghost dined with us.)

8.  Grand Central Bakery.  This is an absolute must.  If you go to Portland and do not eat breakfast here, you are dumb.  Seriously.  (Please note Duke's hands trying to reach for my food in both pictures.)

9.  Khun Pic's Bahn Thai.  I'm not sure I could ever eat Thai food anywhere else.  It's owned by a hilarious couple (who also happen to be the Watson's wonderful landlords) and she cooks every bit of the meal right when you order.  The restaurant is in a cute little house with lovely outdoor seating.  You will not be disappointed.

10.  Voodoo Donut.  Here's the deal, I don't necessarily think this place has the best donuts I've ever had.  I'm perfectly pleased with a chocolate frosted from Dunkin Donuts.  But you won't find variety and creativity in donuts like you will at this place.  It's worth a trip.  You should go just to say you've gone.

If you're trying to decide on a vacation spot for you and your honey or you and your family, Portland is a perfect place.

Have any of you been to Portland?  What are your favorite things to do there?


  1. My favorite thing to do in Portland is host the Westbrook's, cook 'em some food, sit in the backyard and catch up around a fire pit. What say you, friend?

  2. Such a great list! You are making me want to go back to see (okay, eat) the things I missed. I can't believe you guys have been 5 times!

  3. This is getting me SO excited to go Claire! Thank so much for a great list! My friend and I are excited to check these places out in 2 weeks! :)

    1. I'm so excited for you! I hope you'll get to try some of them. Let me know how your trip goes! :)

  4. Its a stretch to call Cannon Beach "Portland", although it IS a lovely beach and worth the hour and a half or so to get there. My favorite Portland stops are Powell's City of Books, ride the MAX from Gresham to downtown, the zoo, SCRAPS (oh you HAVE to go there and take your son!), Cloud City Ice Cream (or Salt & Straw if you prefer), Yarnia, any one of the many food cart "malls" set up randomly in abandoned parking lots across the city, and Dutch Bros. on Belmont at midnight, just 'cause.
    Good thing we only live 5 hours away. A trip that direction now and then is in the realm of possibilities. Almost forgot - we like to cross at least a different bridge every time we go downtown and back out again. They're all unique and fun.

    1. Yeah, I know Cannon Beach isn't *actually* Portland, but for people like us that live this far away, a trip to Portland is the only time we'd ever get to go! I haven't done a few of the things you've mentioned, so we'll have to try them the next time!


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