Wednesday, July 31, 2013

leaf and bean

There's a cute little place in town called Leaf and Bean (located at 36th and May).

The first time we went, I was lame and got a snow cone at Shimmers instead.  (They're in the same parking lot.)  But Colt got an iced coffee and it was really tasty.

I went back again with Duke a couple of weeks ago and I tried a sweet tea.  Oh my gosh.  It was good.  And it was so refreshing in the summer heat.

 (Duke approved of the ice water as well.)

My favorite things about this place?  It's yummy, the building looks cool, and the menu is simple.  (We all know how much I hate too many choices.)

I don't have any connection to Leaf and Bean whatsoever and they didn't pay me to write about them.  I just think it's a well-executed idea.  I hope they get lots of business and get to stay here forever.  Go try it out!

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Have you guys tried Leaf and Bean?  What'd you think?


  1. Never tried it or heard of it! I need to check it out! Looks awesome.

  2. Cool! I might have to go! I just went to cuppies and joe last week, have you been there?

    1. Yes, you should go! And I love Cuppies! The owners are some of my sweet friends. :) We all grew up going to church together. It's definitely one of my most favorite places to go!

  3. Can't believe you just wrote about them! We were having a discussion yesterday about it at work since it's right across the street. Can't wait to try it out! Would much rather go there than Starbucks.

    1. yeah, that is really close! you should definitely try it!


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