Tuesday, July 2, 2013

weekend review - cast vocals, an estate sale, and fireworks

I spent the last several days at my parents' house with Duke.

Colt was in Chicago recording cast vocals for The Lockout.  This pretty much means our part is done.  Now, Dustin mixes it, sends it off for mastering, and then we wait to hear the finished product.  Performances of the musical will start sometime in August, I believe. 

We plan on seeing the show in Chicago and I absolutely cannot wait!  Here are a few clips of the recording sessions:

Aren't they so fun?!

hile Colt was gone, I pretty much spent my days by my parents' pool.

(It was Karlie's birthday on Friday!)

On Friday, however, my mom, Duke, and I went around to some estate sales.  My mom found a $10 car seat for Duke so that they could have one in their car without always having to switch mine out of my car.  (Which always results in sweat dripping down my face and a soaked shirt.  I do not do car seats well.)  So if that was the only thing we walked away with, the trip would've been worth it.  But I found a few things, of course.  I got 3 huge bins (to put baby clothes in - rather than boxes that will fall apart), 2 crates (for organizational purposes), and a plastic pool (for Mr. Duke).  Maybe those seem like lame estate sale purchases, but all of those things are typically overpriced at places like Target.  The total for those items was $18, so I'd say they were successful purchases.

Saturday was a nothing day.  Eating, pooling, napping, eating, pooling, watching fireworks, eating ice cream, etc.

When you live out on land, the 2 weeks leading up to July 4th are July 4th.

We had fireworks in several different places around us, including the next door neighbors.  It was so fun!  And Duke never woke up once, which was a relief.

I snoozed my alarm for 40 minutes on Sunday.  Probably because I was dreading the fact that this was the Gikas' last Sunday at OLCC.  They have been such a blessing in my life for a million different reasons and I've learned so much from them.  Luckily, they're just going down the street to Bridgeway, so we still plan on seeing them.

Sunday night, I met up with Reese and Sara at Starbucks.  Although Starbucks was our second home in high school, we talked about how the 3 of us probably haven't spent time at a Starbucks together in many years.  We laughed hard while rehashing some really good stories.  And when it closed at 10 p.m., we moved to Reese's car until about 12:30 a.m.  Loved every second of it.

Well, I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday week and that your sights are filled with fireworks!


  1. That picture of Duke is SO freakin' cute. I have to say that I am pretty jealous you spent the past few days at the pool... Oh and I get to see you tomorrow! Yay!


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