Thursday, August 22, 2013

BFBN: no-mess lunch ideas

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As I'm getting ready to enter into the world of MDO (and there were cheers and tears all at the same time), I'm also entering the world of Packed Lunches.  I never knew how scary this would be.

There are rules in MDO and rightfully so.  I wouldn't want to cut up and feed 10 toddlers their food at the same time either.  But things like "light jelly on PB&J" or "finger foods only" are enough to make this rule-follower mom-of-one feel very cornered and very frightened.  What if I put one too many clumps of jelly on my kid's sandwich?  I'll be kicked out of MDO land foreverrrrr!!

So really.  What am I going to pack him?  His lunches need to consist of things that he can manage alone - no cutting up, no refrigerating, no microwaving, and minimal mess.

Although the 492 rules can seem overwhelming, they were kind enough to include a list of suggestions.  I thought I'd share them in case any other moms are in need of easy lunch ideas like this.  These not only make for MDO-approved lunches, but also great ideas for when you're on the go, at the zoo, etc.  I added some specifics in parentheses that I know Duke personally loves.

cubed cheese
peanut butter crackers
small sandwiches
crackers (goldfish, graham crackers, animal crackers, life cereal)
chewy fruit snacks
chopped veggies (cherry tomatoes cut in half)
PB&J - light on the jelly
diced fruit (grapes cut in half, blackberries, kiwi)
string cheese
cubed meat

added to the list by fellow moms:
Kashi soft cereal bars
fruit squeeze pouches
plain pasta
cream cheese sandwiches or crackers

Please throw out any other great ideas!  I'd definitely appreciate it!

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  1. Great list! Other than those things, my go-to lunch items for my boys include Kashi soft cereal bars and those little applesauce pouches (kinda expensive, but I only use them when packing a lunch for MDO or a zoo trip).


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