Wednesday, August 14, 2013

God loves it when - a giveaway

You know how there are people in your life who you feel like you know really well without really knowing them at all?

The Armstrongs are like that to me.  They are a couple who went to OBU and (I think) were seniors when I was a freshman.  They were so cool and so old (in a good way).  I really only ever saw them from a distance.

I still don't really know know them.  But I think in a small community like OBU, it's easy to feel connected with people who have gone before you and go after you.  It's kind of beautiful.

And then there's the motherhood thing.  Somehow when you enter into that phase, you find yourself clicking and laughing and crying with people that you never really thought you'd do those things with.  Although I've never hung out with Ashley, I've cried many tears with her through this computer screen.

Yesterday on Ashley's blog, she announced that she and her husband have written and published a children's book entitled, "God Loves it When."  (You can purchase the book here.)  They hope it will help offset some medical costs for their son, Finn.  (You can read their first blog post about it all here.)

I immediately wished I could buy 100.  Because I've been reading Finn's story from the start, it feels like I'm a part of it - even if my "part" only consists of praying for the three of them.

So I bought two paperback books.  (I suppose the other 98 will just have to wait.)  I got one for our family and one to giveaway to one of you!  I really want to help spread the word about this book and shower this family with blessings.  But ultimately, I want to point people to Christ - something Ashley and I both strive to do through our blogs.


1.  Leave a comment on this post saying why you'd love to have a copy of this book.
2.  Leave a comment on this post on Ashley's blog saying why you'd love to have a copy of her book or why you love her blog or just say hello!
3.  Tweet about this giveaway.  Copy and paste the URL of your tweet in a comment on this post.  (If you don't know how to find a tweet's specific URL, click here.)
4.  Pin this giveaway post on Pinterest.  (Use the "book photo" as the picture you pin.)  Copy and paste the URL of your pin in a comment on this post.

You can do one or two or all four of those things to enter.  The more things you do, the better chance you have at winning!  Giveaway ends Tuesday, August 20th at 11:59 p.m.  The winner will be announced sometime on Wednesday, August 21st.  Enter away!


  1. As I read their story (and saw pictures) I got teary... thinking about how much love this baby boy gets from his entire family. I just LOVE to see all the smiles in grandma's face, cousins, aunts and uncles. There's such love. In the midst of confusion and what other people call "imperfection" I see a perfect love. So beautiful.
    A copy of the book would be great to continue to share the story of God in our lives and their lives too. Plus, it'd be a hit in Oregon. ;)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing their story. What a precious family! (And I am completely with you on the whole "knowing" OBU people thing.) My family would love to have a copy of the book. Being created in the image of God is such awesome message to begin teaching our children at a young age!


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