Tuesday, August 13, 2013

weekend review - a wedding at lake of the ozarks

I had the privilege of doing the music for the wedding of my sweet friend, Caroline, this past weekend.  The wedding was near their lake house in Lake of the Ozarks.  In other words, it was beautiful.

(Lots of new friends to meet.)

We drove up on Friday evening for the rehearsal and pre-wedding festivities.  It was so wonderful seeing so many of my sweet college friends.

And my ex.

Just kidding.

Well, I'm not kidding about him being my ex, but it's certainly not a serious situation.  Matt is one of Colt's good friends.  They were potluck roommates freshman year of college - literally a match made in comedy heaven.  Long story short:  Matt and I dated for like 2 months sophomore year, had a great time but never even held hands, decided to end it, and then were friends the next day.  Fast forward a year later and I was dating Colt.

Matt is married to the lovely Lisha and we all had a great time making fun of our "dating relationship" that was actually just "being really good friends for 2 months."

So that's that.

We all (The Westbrooks, The Myers, Abby, Ashley, Amanda) got to stay in the same cabin for the weekend so we got to relive our college days a bit.  (Minus the co-ed "ness" of it.  OBU wouldn't dare.)

(We pulled our covers back the first night and found these two.  Thanks, Matt and Lisha.)

There was a bridal breakfast on Saturday morning followed by 4 hours of lake time.

(Matt and Colt doing the high dive.)

The wedding was gorgeous and Caroline was a beautiful bride.  So excited for them!

After the ceremony, we went over to the Fischer's lake house and had a lovely dinner.

Once Rob and Caroline made their exit, we all went back to our cabin and played a good few rounds of Guesstures.

We headed back to OKC on Sunday morning so we could see this cute guy.

My mother-in-law and Nana (Duke's great grandma) did a great job keeping him (and cleaning lots of things in our house!).

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. 3 things: 1. YOU GOT TO SEE A LLAMA?????? I am so jealous, think that is my new favorite animal, that hair is ridiculous. 2. I love reliving you and Matt "dating". I will never forget how you were so upset he was taking you on a date at the same time I was coming to visit. . . . not like me coming to visit was a new and exciting thing since i was there EVERY WEEKEND hahaha. definitely knew something was up with that aaaaand 3. I love the picture of all of you girls with Caroline :) so glad you guys had that sweet weekend together!

    1. haha I KNEW you would've loved to see all those aminals. :) Want to know what happened? Matt, Lisha, and Colt got out of the car to take pics. I stayed. haha I know, not surprising at all. Looove you!

  2. Hahah oh man... the history with you and Matt is CRAZY :) So fun that you got to see the Myers (and Ashley, Amanda and Abby too!). Caroline looks gorgeous in the pictures and it looks like it was such a pretty wedding. What a fun weekend!

    1. Ohh the "history" surely is. ;) Yes, it was such a fun time!

  3. So lovely! Time with old college friends is always the best.

    1. Yes, it was so great to all be together in one place!

  4. such a beautiful wedding at a magical place <3

    Carla Cee

  5. I was amazed that there was an excellent bar on the ground floor and the bartenders are really friendly. We had a great time going to the bar and then dinner.
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