Wednesday, October 30, 2013

dukelish, volume 1

I speak Dukelish fluently.

I find myself saying things like, "The kiki is gaga, Duke.  Would you like some more cahti?"

And then I remember that everyone else in the room is very confused.

I've learned to speak and decode Duke's language without a problem (for the most part).  But it wasn't until a couple of months ago when I was preparing his Mimi and Nana to spend the weekend with him that I remembered not everyone understands his "words."  I jotted down a few words that I knew they'd need to know to survive their days with him.

I thought it'd be a fun keepsake to get it all down here too.  Not the average, boring words that everyone understands - just the weird ones. 

Hee ho - Thank you
Cahti - Avocado
Gaga - All gone
Gaga - Duck
Gaga - His response to "How does a duck go?"
Kiki - Kiwi
Neek - Drink
Cackook - Cracker
Teet - Eat
Funnah - Thunder
Faint - Fan
Byebaby - Library
Bubba - Toothbrush
Cool - Pool
Pie - Potty
Rake - Grape
Asais - Upstairs

Of course, in the time that has passed since I originally wrote this post and now, most of these words have turned into their "real versions."  It's amazing how quickly his language develops!

What are your favorite "weird" words your toddlers say?


  1. I remember when Eli was just learning to walk and we would get the vacuum out and he wanted to push it around but when we would put it up (in the garage), he would go to the garage door and knock on the door wanting the vacuum. He started calling it "knock" shortly after that and it's pretty much stuck (although he does know it's real name now).

  2. Haha the "pie" as "potty" one really cracks me up!

  3. right now we've mostly just got uhmo=elmo and everything else is either fairly understandable, or "eh" and pointing. I hope there are some funny ones like these that come up. Dukes are so funny! byebaby is my favorite i think. I can totally hear it and make sense out of it. cute!

  4. These are great!! :) What a fun keepsake for you and Colt. This morning Norah told me that "daddy mating toffee" - which was really "daddy making coffee". It is pretty crazy how fast their vocabulary develops!! I'm loving these Dukelish - it makes me realize that we really the only people who understand what our kids are trying to communicate. So sweet.

  5. My sister, who is 12 now, used to always say "closlet" instead of "closet". We all still call them closlets. Except the 12 year old. She finds it horrifyingly embarrasing. :) This is a really cute post - it's fun to remember all that crazy toddler talk!


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