Monday, November 4, 2013

weekend review - feeling like a real parent, a birthday party, and the return of sweetness

This weekend consisted of 1 wedding shower, 1 baby shower, and a 1 year old birthday party.  Throwing those in with everything else we're doing made for a pretty tiring weekend!  But it was all a lot of fun.

On Friday night, we stayed home.  Colt grilled hot dogs and we ate by the fire.  Things like this are so fun once you're doing them, but getting all of the c.r.a.p. out there to eat was a circus.  Plus, arguing with your husband and hearing your 2 year old scream because it's not getting there fast enough doesn't help. 

It makes you feel like a real parent when you say things like, "I don't know why we even try to do fun things like this!"  It's the equivalent of, "You better stop or I'm turning this car around!" or, "We're never going on vacation again!"  They all come from the same place.  But once we got everything situated and everyone had apologized to everyone, it was a really nice night.  I know I'll look back fondly on sweet little moments like this.

We celebrated Merritt Mae's 1st birthday on Saturday.  Hard to believe she's 1!

I just caught a little shot of this guy on Sunday in his new jacket from Juju.  After thinking his "2 year molars are coming in" attitude would never end, I'm relieved to say that they've popped through and we have our sweet guy back.  It's hard to see your kid act like a crazy person.  We enjoyed a calm Sunday lunch and it was wonderful.  Colt and I smiled at each other and said, "Let's remember this moment the next time he's sick or doesn't feel up to par."  Thank goodness everything is just for a season!

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