Tuesday, October 15, 2013

it's been 5 years

Last Thursday, Colt and I celebrated 5 years of marriage.

- I woke up to a precious note and beautiful flowers.  I got him a card and a guitar slide he'd been wanting.
- The 3 of us had lunch at Chick-fil-a.  (Duke loved his time on the slide.)

- We had a very normal night of eating leftovers and hanging out.

But Friday morning, Colt planned a little date since we were leaving for Stillwater later that morning.

(real hot chocolate ... mmm)

We ate breakfast at Kitchen 324 and it was absolutely fabulous.

Later, we went to the mall to spend a Forever 21 gift card I got for my birthday back in July.  Can we please discuss the fact that I didn't get stopped by one attractive clothing item until I made it to the back of the store?  Everything, and I mean everything, was black & white and covered by either a band name, a crazy graphic, or gold studs.  Colt kindly reminded me that it is called Forever 21.  But should 27 really look that drastically different?  I guess so.  I ended up buying a cute sweater that I really liked.  It was a well spent (and easily spent) $20.

Our anniversary celebration this year was nothing extravagant.  No big trip, no expensive steak dinner, no pricey gifts.  But it was just what I wanted.  Time together.  Time with the guy of my dreams and my best friend.

If I could've seen into the future 5 years ago while we stood on that stage, making promises to each other, I would've seen promises fulfilled.

a man who has supported me in some tough years of work

a man who was my untrained (but perfect) birthing coach and encouraged me through 20 hours of natural labor

a man who is a wonderful dad

a man who can hug me and instantly relieve me of pressures from the day

a man who loves me so much that he works very hard so I can stay home with Duke

a man who loves Duke so much that he lets me stay home with him

a man who I admire and love to brag on

a man who loved me through some incredibly painful moments of fear and anxiety

a man who is the very definition of home to me  

There isn't anyone else I'd rather be doing all of this life stuff with.  I love you, Colt.


  1. Happy Anniversary Colt and Claire! What a beautiful post - it makes me excited thinking about anniversaries to come of my own :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! You guys are one of my favorite couples :)

  3. Two of my favorite people!! And now with Duke, it makes 3! Love you all.

  4. I'm belated on this, but congratulations! So sweet. Sometimes the low-key ones are the best :)


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