Tuesday, November 19, 2013

duke's 2nd birthday

Duke turned 2 in October and I haven't had a chance to document his party.  (Thanks, nausea.)  Again, the lovely Makenzie joined us for the evening and snapped away all night.  What a relief it was to know I wasn't in charge of getting all of the important pictures!

This party was similar to Duke's 1st birthday in that Pinterest did not explode in my house.  I wasn't feeling well enough to do that even if I wanted to!  I'm just a better "chill" party planner at this point in my life.  Maybe I'll change at some point, but for now, simple is my jam.

Colt and I decided we would just invite family to this party.  It's a pretty rare thing that Duke has 5 great-grandparents living and I wanted this to be more of a focused time where Duke got to be with all of these important people at the same time.  We all had a lot of fun

(Isn't my Mama Lue beautiful??)

(The spread - thanks to every family member for bringing a little something to add to the meal.  Made my life so much easier!)

(4 of the 5 greats!)

(Duke has a thing with snow globes, so his Grammy and Papa got him a kid-proof one.)

(He loved it so much, he needed to give it a hug.)

I will say this:  Year 2 flew by way faster than year 1.  I was absolutely taken by surprise when his 2nd birthday began creeping up.  Duke just feels so much like a little buddy to me.  He fits in with my days and does exactly what I do.  It's been a precious thing being at home with him these past 2 years and getting to know every little thing about him.  I look forward to more of it.

Photography by Makenzie  Facebook Page // Website


  1. I think that it is so cool that you did just a family party. So sweet and special. And yay for Duke's snow globe!

  2. Love these photos!! Especially the ones of you and Duke while he blows out his candle. What a special moment.


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