Wednesday, November 20, 2013

the force is strong with this one

This may have been one of my most favorite Halloweens costumes ever.

Along with the time I was Scary Spice.

And the time I was a Halloween mom freshman year of college.  I tried to find a picture, but unfortunately (or fortunately), I was unsuccessful.  Just know - it was hilarious and ridiculous.

This year, we went for Star Wars.  Why?

1.  I have always wanted to dress up as Princess Leia, but my hair was just now long enough to attempt it.
2.  Duke has expressed many times that the guy on his Star Wars lunch pail (Luke Skywalker) is, in fact, "Daddy!"
3.  And - who better to play Yoda than a little 2 year old person?

Halloween trio made in heaven.

 (Every party has a pooper.  Or 3, in this case. ;))

 (Yoda in deep thought.)

We went trick-or-treating to a few houses and then called it quits.  As we were corralling all of our millions of kids down the streets of our friend's historic neighborhood, I had a thought, Who are we doing this for anyway?  I mean, Duke couldn't care less.  He thinks we're just going on a walk.  And I'm certainly not in the mood since I feel terrible.  But then I remembered - it was for the candy.  So once we had enough candy for Colt and I to munch on, we headed back to the Atkinson home to eat and let the kids play.  (Don't worry, we let Duke partake in eating some candy too.  After his first-ever chews of some Skittles, his eyes got all twinkly and he said, "Juice!")

It was a really fun Halloween and I loved getting to be a kid again with my family.

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  1. we are huge star wars fans and you 3 look great!!!!!!!


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