Thursday, December 26, 2013

the sing-off, season 4 (finale)

(photo credit NBC)

So this will be my least detailed recap of them all.  Mainly because it's the day after Christmas and I don't really want to post.  But I'm also ready to share my thoughts on this whole sing-off biz.

Going into the finale, I felt like it was a pretty big toss up as to who would be named The Sing-Off Champions.  (I mean, I knew who I wanted to win, but I had no idea who the judges would actually pick.)

For the sake of age, maturity, whatever else, I figured Vocal Rush would get 3rd.  Not because they aren't good enough to get 1st, but simply because they are the youngest. 

I, personally, would've loved to see Ten win it all.  They're such a sharp group.  And let's be honest, they're going places with or without a "1st place" prize to their name. 

As for Home Free?  They won.  They're a bunch of guys (maybe a couple cute ones in there) who sing really well and even better?  They sing good ole, family-friendly, take-ya-back-to-your-roots country music.  Some people just can't say no that.  Obviously, the judges couldn't.  Although it's kind of annoying to crown them the winners after they've had some pretty great successes as a group already, I can see how this competition helped them get out of the musical rut they were evidently in.  It's easy to get stuck in your ways and I think this show pushed them to experiment with a whole new world of creativity.  For that, I'm glad for them.

All in all, this season was not my favorite.  I'm not quite sure Season 3 will ever be beat.  Yes, Pentatonix are kind of out-of-this-world and no one can really compare.  However, there were other groups singing that season that were ridiculously impressive.  I think Afro Blue and Delilah would've made the top 3 in this current season for sure if they would've been around.  There was a lot of really great stuff going on in Season 4, but not a lot of extraordinary stuff going on.  I hope to see more of that in the next Season.  (NBC, please don't skip a year again, okay?)

Did you guys think Home Free should've won it all?

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