Monday, December 23, 2013

the sing-off, season 4 (judge's choice)

(photo credit NBC)

(SPOILER ALERT:  The eliminated group is mentioned at the end.)

Opening Number:  "Shake It Out"
This was my favorite group number by far!  So many different moments that were really amazing.

The Filharmonic:  "Baby I Need Your Loving"
This one definitely got better the more they got into it.  I agreed with the judges.  The harmonies were good, the rhythm lacked, choreography was great.  They're pretty consistently tight.

Ten:  "Proud Mary"
They have SO much going for them, it's nuts.  They have amazing soloists, fun choreography, an extremely tight blend, and creativity.  I loved what Jewel said about finding their identity, specifically in determining what kind of records they're wanting to cut.  I'd love to see more of that as well.

Home Free:  "Colder Weather"
I particularly enjoyed listening to the smooth BGVs on this one.  I loved their attention to when/where they breathed.  I really enjoyed this one - performance, arrangement, the whole thing.  This was my favorite thing they've done in the entire competition.  Very nice.

Vocal Rush:  "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark"
Loved it.  Gracious!  I think this one would've been so easy to let get away - tempo-wise, pitch-wise, breath control-wise.  But it didn't!  I LOVED this arrangement.  I think it's one of the top five arrangements from this competition for sure.  What an enjoyable performance!

The Filharmonic and Ten faced off in the sing-off, which was a good choice based on their performances tonight.  Ten totally won this.  Bye, The Filharmonic.

So excited for the finale tonight!  Vocal Rush and Ten are still my favorites, but I'm secretly hoping Vocal Rush takes it all.

Who do you want to win?

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