Monday, February 24, 2014

second trimester reflections

-The nausea and I-can't-eat-anything-except-taco-supremes-from-Taco-Bell disease stopped at around 14 weeks.  I've been feeling really great ever since!  My appetite is back and I can eat food from our home.  I spent this trimester in a love affair with Vanilla Coke and bacon - not necessarily at the same time, although that would be a pretty good idea.

-We found out it was a girl a few days before Christmas.  It was the best gift ever!  We loved being able to share it with our families during a time that is so special already.

-I began feeling her move around 18-19 weeks and was feeling it consistently around 20 weeks.  This is one of my favorite parts about being pregnant. 

-At 19 weeks, we discovered that my placenta was borderline low and that she was in breech position.  I do know that she is head down now (yay!!).  We will check the placenta issue in a couple of weeks.

-I started feeling some Braxton Hicks contractions around 22-23 weeks.  They weren't all-the-way Braxton Hicks (as in, I couldn't necessarily feel my stomach tighten from the outside), but the sensation was there.  Now, I feel several legit Braxton Hicks contractions each day. 

-I use the restroom at least once, sometimes twice, in the night.  And each time, I remind myself to soak in the simplicity of just having to get up, pee, and go right back to bed.  Soon enough, I'll have full nursing sessions to attend to!

-My glucose test was negative!  This may be the only thing so far that has been the same for both pregnancies.  My doctor did say I was a little anemic, so I've been taking an iron pill every other day.

-I'm beginning to lose my mind.  Not all the way, but just a little.  Having "pregnancy brain" when I typically am one who remembers everything is interesting.  It's manifested itself in different ways this time around.  Sometimes, I can't think of really basic, everyday words.  For example, I was talking to Colt a few days ago and was trying my hardest to think of the word "shampoo."  I stood there, mouth wide open, eyes looking up to the ceiling, and nothing was coming out.  But you want to know the first 2 words that came to mind in my search for this mystery word?  "cement" and "cancer."  Totally makes sense.

-I love the second trimester for its crazy burst of energy it gives you!  I've gotten so much more done and I really just feel like myself.  I started my prenatal yoga DVD around 20 weeks, but have not been very consistent.  (Like, if I did it once a week, I called it success.)  I plan to ramp it up for this last trimester.

I find myself oo-ing and ah-ing over new babies and I'm really excited to meet this sweet girl.  However, I want every last bit of these 12 weeks so I can get all my millions of things done.  I'd love it if she came naturally on her due date, just like her brother.  But I have a feeling she might have her own way of doing things.  :)  Hurray for the third trimester!

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