Monday, February 17, 2014

weekend review - valentine's, a weekend away, and a babymoon

I woke up to a lovely Valentine's surprise from Colt on Friday morning.  It was the perfect beginning to a wonderful weekend.

(Side note:  I'm keeping Colt's Valentine's gift between us.  Sometimes I feel this urge to need to share sweet things like this.  And not because I have to prove anything, but because sometimes it feels like if it's not on social media, then it didn't happen.  So if that motivation ever creeps in, I don't share.  Gotta keep it real, yo.)

We actually decided to kill a few birds with one big Valentine's Day weekend stone.  A weekend with the Sullivan's was something we were trying to schedule ... along with a little babymoon ... along with whatever Valentine's plans we were wanting to make.  So we just combined it all into one and it was great!

(Dinner at Local)

 (A delicious brunch)

(An afternoon in Norman)

I'm so grateful for Colt and I love that he will my Valentine forever and ever.

Duke had a great Valentine's weekend away from us as well.

Duke and I topped off the weekend with our own little Valentine's date night on Sunday night.  We went to the park, grabbed some Sonic, and then watched the Olympics together.


If you happened to enter the lullaby album giveaway on Journey to Parenthood's blog last week, here is the winner:  SAMANTHA DAWSON "What a great post! I totally agree that you should continue to pursue your dreams/hobbies after having kids. Even though I love being a stay-at-home-mom I also love helping others and have been thankful for the help from my husband, family, and friends that allows me to do this. Thank-you for the encouraging words!!"

Samantha, email me (claire.l.westbrook(at) your home address and I'll get your CD to you as soon as I can!  Thanks for entering!  (You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy of this CD by clicking here.)


Also, this upcoming weekend is the women's retreat at our church.  I'm so excited to be leading the music for it, and I'd love for any of you Oklahoma women to join us!  You can click here to get all of the info. and register.

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  1. It was SO MUCH FUN hanging out with you guys. We love you all so much and feel so blessed to live (relatively) close to you. Thanks for visiting.

    Come back soooooooon!!!!


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