Monday, March 10, 2014

BFBN: why having babies close together is not as hard as you might think

It's Babywise Friendly Blog Network week!  All week, each of us will be sharing posts on the same topic and directing our readers to the different blogs in the network.  Here's the schedule for the week:

Monday: Rachel from A Mother Far From Home
Tuesday: Valerie from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
Wednesday: Emily from Journey of Parenthood
Thursday: Claire from My Devising
Friday: Maureen from Childwise Chat

This time around, we'll be talking about the benefits of Babywise.  Today, Rachel wrote about how Babywise made/makes it possible for her to have 3 kids 3 and under without losing her mind.  She describes the structure in her day and talks about how the predictability allows her to maintain working a few hours a day from her home.  I love reading posts like this.  It's encouraging to know that you can still be a mom of multiple children with a schedule and a normal amount of time for yourself each day.  Go check her post out!

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