Friday, April 4, 2014

five minute friday: writer

Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker
Prompt:  "Writer"

I was never especially impressed with writers or people who wrote books (or really wrote anything for that matter).  I wasn't a reader, so it was hard for me to understand why someone would want to be a writer. 

But the truth?

I was a writer (in my own way).

Sure, I'd been writing songs since about the 9th grade.  (I'll spare you from ever hearing those musical gems.)  But songwriting is different than writing writing. 

The writing writing side of me came out in journaling, a habit of mine most every day starting sometime around 7th grade.   Let's be honest - it was all about b-o-y-z.  BUT, it was still writing.

Eventually, it turned into more serious things - like thoughts on scripture or prayers.  Later, it turned into a Xanga account.  And back in 2008, it turned into this blog.  Of course, I've still kept up with a journal this whole time because not everything needs to be here on this blog.  But for the most part, I spend the majority of my writing time here. 

"Writer" seems like such a high and lofty word to me, reserved only for people who have published books.  But when I think about people who call themselves musicians or singers, I don't hold them to that same standard.  If you sing, you're a singer.  If you write songs, you're a songwriter.  Whether or not you've recorded a full length album doesn't really change that.  So I guess since I write, I'm a writer. 

I like that writing is something I do.  I hope I'm always songwriting and writing writing.  And you know what?  I hope to write a book one day.  Sometimes it sounds silly saying it aloud (or writing it for people to see), but it's the truth.

Just as I love being considered a musician, a singer, a pianist, a songwriter, I also want to be considered a writer.  And I guess all I have to do to achieve that title is simple:  keep writing.  

I am a writer. 


  1. Yes, Keep writing! Joining you from Five Minute Friday!

  2. I really like your conclusion. "...all I have to do to achieve that title is simple: keep writing". Simple yet profound to me. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from via FMF. Blessings to you....


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