Monday, April 7, 2014

dukelish, volume 2

(If you missed the first installment of Dukelish, click here.)

The past several months have been full of hilarious conversations all day long.  It blows my mind how often (and how loudly) this kid talks.  I find myself jotting things down on paper or texting our back-and-forth dialogue to Colt just so I can remember.  But there's only so much I can write down!  At this age, almost everything he says is funny.  So here just a few of the memorable ones:

On the way home from Mother's Day Out ...
"Hey Mama?"
"What, baby?"
"I missed you."

While looking at his Star Wars lunch box, I say ...
"Duke, who's that?" (pointing to Obi-Wan Kenobi)
"It's Boat!" (my dad)
"And who's that?" (pointing to Han Solo)
"It's Pappaw!" (Colt's dad)

After giving him a little talking to about not throwing toys, Duke puts his finger on my mouth and says ...
"No.  Don't talk."

While at Hobby Lobby, Duke hears various people come on the intercom and to each request he says loudly ...
"No, thank you."

In general, his new favorite thing to say to us is ...
"Stop it."
(There's not a lot we can do about that one, so we just encourage him to say, "Please stop," when he wants someone to stop doing something.)

After tucking him in one night, Colt and I walk out and Duke says ...
"Good night!  Merry Christmas!  I wuv you!"

After seeing the Backyardigans as an option on Netflix, he says ...
"I watch it at school!  I watch show!  I close my eyes!  (long pause)  I think about it."

After driving by Duke's "school" (Mother's Day Out), he says ...
"Teacher says 'shhhh.'"
"Why'd your teacher say that, Duke?"
"I not go night night."
"Oh, what were you doing?"
"I talkin'." (with a big, proud grin on his face)

During breakfast, I say ...
"Duke, can I have a grape?"
"Of course!"

Vocabulary Worth Remembering:

Munade - Lemonade
Moomix - Music
Basketaball - Basketball
Sco Pots - Cold Spots (in reference to me heating up his frozen pancakes so we don't have "cold spots")
Pickups - Hiccups
Puffins - Cheese Puffs

I can hardly handle how much I love this little 2.5 year old.  Soaking every little word and conversation up as much as I possibly can!


  1. This boy. He is way too cute. I love that you are keeping track of things he so cute. My nephew is 4 and says the funniest things, "Well, Aunt Andrea, I don't really like the taste of eggs, but I like the way they smell." Hahaha kids are the best.

  2. I seriously can't believe how verbal he has become! It's so crazy to think that you pretty much had to communicate for him not long ago. He is so funny!


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