Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"Jesus is still King" and why we keep saying it

We all woke up feeling different things today. Some woke up feeling absolutely devastated. Some are full of fear, wondering how the future will play out. Some woke up feeling triumphant. Some are full of excitement, feeling confident in the choice our country has made.

As for me, I woke up today feeling neither devastated or triumphant. I am neither full of fear or full of excitement. I'm sure part of that is due to the fact that I'm just not that into politics. But the other part is that no matter who our president is, I know who my King is.

But I have to stop and explain because I have a feeling that the "No matter who is president, Jesus is still King" message is getting misunderstood by some people. Maybe it feels like avoidance or dismissal or ignorance. But I want to tell you what it means to me.

"Jesus is still King" doesn't mean I have forgotten the pain that some feel today. In fact, it is only when I think of this one thing that I am emotional. I can see and completely understand why fear is a new or stronger reality today for some of my friends and neighbors. I am not a part of a minority of any kind in any category. I have not known the kinds of emotions that many are overwhelmed with today. But I can assure you that I am full of compassion and I want things to be different. I am not unaware. Yet because "Jesus is still King," there is hope that can be poured into that dark place and I want to partner with the Lord in that for the people around me. 

"Jesus is still King" doesn't mean I don't care about our government. I care about the future because I have children who will live in it. I care about the decisions that are made. But because "Jesus is still King," I know that this government on earth cannot and will not change the truth of who Jesus Christ is.

"Jesus is still King" doesn't mean I disregard the authorities that have been placed in my life. I don't like that Trump is the next president, but he is. I have to walk a fine line, especially because I have little eyes watching me. It's important to me to teach my children that we respect the president. Yes, we pray for him. Yes, we may disagree with him. But bashing him is not going to do my children any good. Instilling fear in my children about him will not serve them well in the future. So we will weigh President Trump's words and decisions. We will talk about what things mean and not only how they affect us, but also the people around us and the people unlike us. We will talk about what our part is in all of this. We will talk about how things line up with what Jesus says. We will see the good and the bad. I don't have to be Trump's number one supporter, but I also don't have to hate him. I can see Donald, his flaws, and the consequences of those flaws, yet also see that he is someone the Lord created and loves. Just as I know I am full of flaws and not exempt from consequences, yet God still chooses to love me. Because "Jesus is still King," I can hold all of this seemingly conflicting and sometimes even offensive-feeling information in my hands and heart and use these moments to further describe the character of Jesus and the story of the Gospel to my children.

"Jesus is still King" doesn't discount any good or bad dimension to this election. It doesn't discount truth, feelings, or fears. It doesn't cover things up. It doesn't shove things under the rug. It doesn't mean I live with eyes closed and ears shut. No, reality still exists. But "Jesus is still King" adds another dimension. A dimension that can't be messed up by our human hands. A hopeful dimension. Because I am a follower of God, I believe in a world outside of this one. I don't believe this is all there is. I believe that life on earth is a blip on the line of eternity. I believe my hope doesn't have to be placed in anyone or anything on this earth. I believe I can put my full security in Christ. There is hope to be found. And the only reason is because "Jesus is still King."

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