Monday, January 30, 2017

Veda Claire

I was thinking we might actually birth this baby before giving her a name, but I'm glad to have settled on one beforehand. Baby #3 has officially been named Veda (pronounced Vayduh) Claire.

The first time I ever heard the name Veda was on the movie "My Girl." (Although hers was spelled Vada.) The second time I heard it was in college. There was a band named Veda (now Vedera) that I really liked. But it wasn't until we were sifting through girl names this time around that I saw it and thought it belonged on our list to consider. I remember loving the sound of that name as a little girl and I still feel the same about it today. Claire was an obvious choice for us for her middle name. I love that her name will carry a piece of me.

Veda means knowledge or understanding and Claire means bright, clear, or shining. I love the combination of all of those things, and I will be praying them over her. That she will be a person who has a clear understanding of who she is and who God is. That she will have a gift to discern and know things that may feel confusing or unclear to the people or world around her. That her ability to understand people or situations produces a big heart of compassion in her. That she will be a bright representation of the character of God so that others come to a knowledge of him through her.

Veda Claire, we love you so much already. See you soon.

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