Wednesday, November 17, 2010

flowers, alice in wonderland, and beethoven

I have a million things to be thankful for. However, I'm still human and still have bad days and seasons of life. It has been a generally 'off' past several weeks and yesterday was no different.

Except ...

When I got home, my husband had these waiting for me:

Aren't they beautiful? I love Fall colors and because of that, it's basically Fall in my house all year round. Mmm ... greens, yellows, deep oranges. Anyway, before I even said it, he said, "I know how much you love Fall colors and thought you would like the way these looked in our house." At that, I melted.

But that's not all! He also bought this for me:

I realize it's just a teensy little Golden Book, but it doesn't matter ... I am OBSESSED with everything that is Alice in Wonderland. If you don't know it, you're probably not my friend. I love everything about it. It's brilliantly hilarious and perfect. If you're thinking, "Huh? It's a trippy movie that makes no sense and scared me as a child," then you need to watch it again before I lose my temper. ALWAYS MYYY WAY! Oh, sorry. Anyway, this is another post for another day. Alice in Wonderland is just my favorite.

I have a really sweet and extremely considerate husband.

Ah, and the story does not end here, my children. Then, I received a package in the mail from Mackenzie Dilbeck, who happens to still be Mackenzie Hufty in my phone. Sorry, Mackenzie. I'll fix it. She sent me this:

Do you know that I love Beethoven? Do you know that my favorite unit to teach my elementary kids was the one about Beethoven? Do you know that Symphony No. 7, 2nd mvt. is one of my most favorite pieces of all time? Well, now you know. I am so excited to read through this lovely book!

Flowers, Alice in Wonderland, and Beethoven make for a great ending to a blah kind of day.

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  1. Hullo :) If you like Alice in Wonderland you might enjoy my blog Wonderland Soup Drop in if you have the time :)

    (LOVE Beethoven's Seventh BTW - it's probably my favourite classical piece and DEFINITELY my favourite bit of Beethoven - I don't understand why it isn't better known/more popular)


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