Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#15: 3 years ago

This exact day, 3 years ago, Colt asked me to marry him.

It also happened to be the night of the PC North Christmas Concert/Alumni Bash/Mrs. Hulsey is leaving event. I thought a few people were acting weird, but I wasn't going to think anything of it. If I thought he was going to propose and he didn't, I'd be disappointed; and whose fault is that? Mine. So, I decided not to get my hopes up.

We went to the concert and then he took me on a little repeat of our first date. I think I've written about our first date before, but I'll just give you a brief reminder. I had a concerto-aria audition that night and wasn't going to be done until around 8:30 p.m. So, since it was going to be a late night date, he took me to IHOP in downtown OKC. Now, I know IHOP isn't #1 on the list of classy restaurants in OKC, but it was late and I really like breakfast food, so it was great. We ate and then we walked around in the botanical gardens. This was also where he strategically grabbed for my hand as we crossed the street ... and just happened to keep holding it. Oh, the butterflies! We spent the drive home listening to Ray LaMontagne's 'Till the Sun Turns Black.' It was a lovely first date.

So, back to the engagement night. He took me to IHOP in downtown OKC and we walked around in the botanical gardens. He began going through all of our fun dating memories ... first date, first time holding hands, first kiss. Then, he paused, got on one knee and said, "And now, I'm asking you to marry me. Claire, will you marry me?" And you know the rest. :)

It was a perfect night to me ... everything I could have ever dreamed of. (Of course, I had no idea of all of the issues, frustrations, and crazy people that Colt dealt with to get to that point.) After he proposed, we went to my parents house to find a crowd of family and friends waiting to greet us. Such a wonderful surprise!

I spent the whole night laying in bed just looking at my ring. I had been waiting for this night all of my life and it actually happened. I'm so thankful that I have such a smart, caring, funny, and talented man who always challenges me to dream and to be my best.


  1. I love, love, love it!!! A beautiful day for 2 wonderful people. I'm so glad you married each other and I'm even more glad that we became better friends since then!

  2. And I hid in the bushes in the snow and ice and took these pictures. Anything for my "forever friend" as momma Julie says. :)


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