Tuesday, May 24, 2011

week 18

I am entering the 18th week of pregnancy and feeling pretty good.  I've experienced getting light-headed and dizzy when changing position quickly, which is normal, as I read in my book.  I'm not really nauseous anymore and I'm sleeping better, minus the fact that I have to get up and use the bathroom a million times. :)  I've had it pretty easy so far though.  

My belly is growing, although I've had comment after comment about how I don't look pregnant at all.  It's worried me at times, but Colt has been sweet to remind me that everyone is different and how/when I start showing is unique to me, my body, and our baby.  I'm about done with the rubber band trick and I've been needing to go and purchase some maternity pants/jeans/tights.  My parents got me a pair of comfy tights that I have been wearing non-stop for the last few weeks (while not at school, that is).  Today, my mom and I had a little thrift store adventure and I found a pair of shorts for $1.50 and a pair of jeans for $1.00! 

As for cravings, there's nothing really out of the ordinary, but I suppose my love for Cheetos has certainly increased.  I could probably have Jamba Juice for every meal every day and I'm craving pop again ... boo.

We had an appointment today and we have another one on Thursday so I'll keep you updated!

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  1. I've loved keeping up with you on your blog, Claire! So glad that you're enjoying your pregnancy experience! I'm so impressed that you've made it this long without maternity clothes! Just a tip...my favorite place to shop while pregnant was Old Navy online, particularly their dresses. I thought dresses were the best buy for maternity wear because you can wear them so much longer without outgrowing them! ;)


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