Sunday, August 28, 2011

nm - items here and there

My mom and brother came over a couple of weeks ago to help me make some headway on our nursery while Colt was at work.  I felt stuck since I couldn't necessarily move things around and get them situated.  So, although our guest room now looks ridiculous and will need lots of attention, our nursery is actually coming along!

Here are the newest additions:

This dresser used to be in our master bedroom, but after lots of cleaning/re-organizing, we emptied it of Colt's clothes and will use it in the baby's room.  We will most likely be painting it ... but we'll just see if we can get around to it ... :)

I found the globe at a thrift store many months ago (maybe even before I knew I was pregnant) for about $2.


These frames will eventually have some purpose, but there are too many ideas floating around in my head for me to decide at this moment.  I found them at a thrift store and each of them were $3.  I just really liked their look and thought they would add something fun to the room.   I'll let you know what I decide to do with them!

Doesn't everyone need a musical washboard?  Eh, not really.  I just thought it was fun and a great color for the room.  This was a thrift store find for $3.

My mom and I got this old peach crate at a thrift store a few days ago for $2.50.  Our plan (for Colt) is to put something flat on the top to make a little side table out of it.

And last, but not least, this fun little light fixture just stole my heart when I saw it in a thrift store one day.  We're debating between a few different ideas on how to use it and where we will put it, but it will be going somewhere.  I love it and it was only $4!

This room finally looks like it has a little purpose now!  My latest challenge has been finding an affordable rug.  So, if you know of any great places or great deals on large rugs, please do share!

Crib pictures coming up next!


  1. We found a great rug for our nursery at Garden's huge...8x10...for about $150. A great deal for that size, but they have lots of smaller ones too. They didn't have tons of patterns, but I just wanted a solid color (cream). So depending on what you're looking for it might be worth the drive out I-40W! Friends of mine have also had good luck at Home Depot and one friend recently just had a carpet store bind a piece of carpet for her nursery (even cheaper because it was a remnant!)

  2. Love that light fixture! Gah, I would love to find something like that!

    My suggestion for rugs is IKEA (which would mean a trip) and Overstock. Lots of selection for great prices!

  3. Thank you both for the suggestions! Leslie - my mom and I went to garden ridge today and found one! Like you said ... it was a great deal! Thanks for the advice. :)


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