Tuesday, August 30, 2011

working out while pregnant

My typical workout routine (pre-pregnancy) consisted of mainly running.  I would throw in some Slim in 6 and 30-day Shred videos every once and awhile, but running was my main form of exercise.  I ran a 10k when I was 13(ish) weeks and decided that since I'm not hardcore, that would be my last running venture as a pregnant woman.

Since then, I have joined the gym right next to our house.  I've never had a gym membership, but it's been really nice in these smoldering days of 100+ degrees to be able to go inside somewhere and still get a cardio workout.  I've also been doing prenatal yoga.  I try to do these things 3-5 times a week.  In my head, I keep hearing Shiva Rea (the yoga video lady) say, "This pose will help strengthen the muscles you will use for labor and delivery" in her calm/everything-is-right-in-the-world voice.

I'm in the beginning of my 32nd week and I'm just now starting to feel like my body inhibits me from doing certain things.  Climbing on my countertops to kill a moth on the ceiling is no longer a good idea.  Bending over to pick up a piece of trash is really tricky.  (And, actually, bending is now squatting.)  The hardest part of all of this change is telling yourself when to stop and take a break.  I keep thinking, "I'm 25 ... I can do this!"  Then I remind myself that 25 and pregnant is not the same.

I've found that the weeks I exercise 4 times or more, I just feel so much better.  Of course, that's how I feel about exercise when I'm not pregnant.  But, while pregnant, it means less aches and more comfort.

What exercise routines during pregnancy have worked for you other moms?

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