Thursday, September 1, 2011

garage love

This past Saturday I got one of the best surprises.

Colt had picked me up somewhere that day and we pulled into the garage that afternoon.  I was running my mouth about something and then noticed we were just sitting in the garage.  Colt finally said, "Look."

I looked ahead and noticed there was a plastic ball dangling by a string that was up against my windshield. I don't know if this is just a weird Clifford family thing, but we always had a tennis ball hanging down on both sides of our garage so that whoever pulled into the garage would know exactly where to stop before ramming into a million things.

As I looked closer, on the ball was written, "I ♥ you."

I lost it.  I absolutely lost it.

I know emotions are heightened during any pregnancy, but I think I would have lost it regardless.  I sat there so taken back by his consideration for me and his desire to do something for me.  It was so small but it was so significant.   Thinking about him assembling it all and writing that little message was just the sweetest image in my head.

I was reminded of how much Colt loves me.  It's an amazing thing to be able to be with that one person that is crazy about you the way you are crazy about them.

The crying went on for awhile and, eventually, we got out of the car ... but I thought about that moment the rest of the day.  The best part about this kind of gift is that I will relive that moment everyday from now on.  I see it as I pull out of my garage and I see it as I pull in.

Later that night, we were discussing the day and I said, "So what was your favorite part about today?"  He said, "Your reaction in the garage."  We certainly don't do everything right, but this one moment was done right.  He used his creativity and time to show me in a simple way how much he loved me.  I saw past the simplicity of it, deep down into the attitude and motivation of his heart.  We were both overcome by gratefulness and love for one another.

Love can be shown in the simplest, cheapest, and smallest ways.  The assurance of Colt's love has not been felt more over any fancy steak dinner, expensive gift, or big celebration.  This moment truly overwhelmed me with love.

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