Friday, September 16, 2011

recognizing fall

The past week or so when I've walked outside and felt the cooler weather, my mind has been confused and goes immediately to spring.  I guess it's not that off.  I do love those first few days of nicer weather in March when you think, I can wear shorts and a long sleeve shirt today!  I've never really recognized fall like this before though.  Why?

1.  I think it's usually because of the Avalanche of Fall, as pastor Roc says.  Everything picks back up and, suddenly, there's no time to notice things like the weather.  However, after a summer like we've had here in Oklahoma, the attitude is different.  We've all been watching our clocks, waiting for the moment of crisp, cool weather.  And now?  It's all you hear about.  "Isn't the weather lovely?"  "Can you believe this weather?"  "I am just loving the weather!"  I've had more conversations than usual about the weather with perfect strangers.  It's like we can all hug and say, "We made it through that blasted summer!"  I doubt we'll be hearing too many complaints about snow this winter.

2.  I am in a different spot this fall than ever before.  I feel so refreshed - something I haven't felt before at this time of year.  My job consists of teaching my 10 piano students and spending 1 day a week up at Hefner Middle School to do some small group voice lessons/assist the vocal music teacher with whatever she needs.  My other "jobs" are cleaning, organizing, cooking, writing songs/recording, and getting the nursery ready.  It has been a huge blessing to be able to stay home and do all of these things.  I know I've been given the gift of time, something a salary can never buy.

All that to say ... I'm excited to get to recognize and enjoy fall this time around.  I've already told Colt that we will be having a "fall night" where we make apple cider or get peg tea from Cuppies (or both!), set out our pumpkin scented candles, and put up the fall decor.  He is, of course, hanging on the edge of his seat for that night to come ... but I will be celebrating fall, dang it!  Who's with me?!

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  1. I almost texted you just last night to say we needed to make apple cider soon!!


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