Friday, April 20, 2012

a spending problem

Growing up, my Grammy and Papa would take us to the mall for our birthdays.  We got to pick where we ate that afternoon and we got a certain amount of money to spend on whatever we wanted.

Can anyone say Gadzooks, Limited Too, and Claire's?  Yesssss.

(photo credit here)

One year I spent my money on a backpack from Limited Too.  (I've always been a sucker for "back to school" season.)  It was made of that shiny pleather stuff and it had a VW Bug on the back of it containing the phrase "Bug off."  Very 1997.  Now, if someone does unfortunately own a backpack like that in middle school, she should probably be pretty cool.  Not the case for me.  Bless my little heart.

Anyway, I didn't have a problem spending my money.  Karlie, my sister, did.  This is funny to me now because I've seen how this has carried out in her life.  She doesn't really like making decisions.  As an elementary school aged kid, she'd walk around the mall finding thing after thing that she loved.  But she'd never buckle down and spend her money.  She'd ask my Grammy how much would be left after a certain purchase.  Once she knew the amount, it was just too great of a sacrifice.  She'd put the item back and continued the search.  This lasted a long time until Grammy would tell her that, eventually, she's going to need to pick something.

Sometimes I live like 10 year old Karlie.  Eventually, I'm going to have to pick something.  I'm not picking something to spend my money on, but picking something to spend my energy on (... other than the usual housekeeping, piano teaching, and mommying I do all day).

I am a huge dreamer, as I've said many times before.  It's a great thing but it can also be an annoying thing.  I come up with so many ideas and then I don't know where to start.  So I don't.

But as of the past few weeks, I've decided something.  I really like to write.  I'm not awesome, I didn't major in English, I'm not well-read, and I have no legitimate experience other than writing mediocre papers in college.  I just really like it.  I've always liked journaling and I write songs ... so I guess that could somehow be related.

This blog has been on my list of 'things I'd like to put my energy into' for awhile.  Since I officially decided I like to write, I figured I'd start here.  I'll put my energy into this.  Posts may be funny, not funny at all, interesting, helpful, mundane, whatever ... but I'm planning to write something at least twice a week.

So, there it is.  For whoever reads this, I hope you will continue.  A comment, a message, a like (over to the right) ... those things mean so much to me because I have picked this thing to work at.  My hope has been and will continue to be that someone somewhere will relate to something.  If anything, it will serve as a keeper of memories that I can look back on someday.  I'm not an expert mom, I don't make things out of twigs and ribbon lying around the house, and I can't make a gourmet meal out of pasta and peanut butter.  I'm just a person with a blog that writes because she likes it.  Thanks for reading. :)


  1. i love reading your words :) i'm glad you're choosing to put your energy here at least twice a week, it makes me feel like i'm talking to you even though life is crazy busy right now and things get in the way of hanging out. love you, my little writer of dreams :)

  2. I love reading too. Keep it up! And thank you so much for the Gadzooks reference, that made me smile.

  3. I read every post of yours and am thrilled you will be writing more!

  4. I read all your words, too!
    I love your honesty, plus that baby of yours is easy to look at :)

  5. You know I love and read your blog, but I thought I would just write it out for you here :) I always look forward to reading your posts. Keep it up!

  6. I don't know you -- I took a calculus class with Colt when I was a sophomore in high school and he was a senior -- but I found your blog through Facebook and quickly got hooked in. You write really touchingly on the simple, beautiful things for your life whether it's running, your son, or your marriage. I really enjoy reading along, and I hope you keep at it!


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