Thursday, July 26, 2012

cloth diaper liners

In my last post about cloth diapers, I mentioned that we use cloth diaper liners.  They are optional.  However, we registered for them and got them.  We'll use them until they run out and who knows if we'll end up buying more.  Either way, here are the details on these little guys.

These liners go in between the diaper and your baby's bottom.  They're rectangular so we fold them hotdog style and place them on the diaper.

So, you've got your diaper, you've got your insert inside the diaper, and you've got your liner on top.

Your baby's poop will be runny for quite awhile.  It wasn't until we started rice and baby food that we actually started seeing solid poop.  In my experience, the liners don't really do anything for the runny poop.  That kind of poop just soaks right through.

(If you're eating or tired of seeing the word "poop," you may want to save this post for later.)

When your baby is eating more solids and the poop is more like a meat patty, diaper liners are great.  (Meat patty??  Yes, my husband has lovingly referred to Duke's poop as this many a time.)  With the solid poop, using the liners means that less poop (or no poop) gets on the diaper.  We dump the liner (with the poop in it) into the toilet and flush it.  That's the other thing - the liners are flushable.  So you don't have worry about making contact with it and putting it in the trash.  The liners keep the diaper a bit cleaner and ensure that the poop sticks to the liner, not the diaper, making it easier to throw into the toilet to flush.  But although liners are helpful, it doesn't take much for the poop to come off of the diaper without them.  Either way is doable.

That's about all I know on the matter.  And, again I say, these are not mandatory.  The choice is up to you.  You could always register for some and then see if you like them or not.  They will not, by any means, make or break your cloth diapering experience.

If you're a cloth diaper user, do you use liners?  What's your take on them?


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