Monday, July 16, 2012

weekend review - i'm 26

Friday, my sister came over and we entertained Duke ourselves with our rendition of Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart a Break."  The vibrato is our favorite part, if you couldn't tell.

Saturday was my 26th birthday and it was absolutely wonderful.

Colt arranged for Duke to be with my parents most of the day.  We enjoyed breakfast and some really tasty coffee at Flint.

(Hey, coffee pot Claire.)

I loved the atmosphere there and the food was delicious.  I highly recommend it!

Next, I was given the option of either seeing "Brave" or shopping a bit at the outlet mall.  A movie sounded nice, but I told Colt I wasn't really in the mood to get emotional about being a mom (which I've heard is a possibility with that movie).  So, I chose shopping.  Like totally!

I found a few cute things at J. Crew and the Levi's store.  I did not find one cute thing at Banana Republic.  I walked in and felt like I was a part of some kind of prank.  Kind of an off moment for Banana.

After we shopped, we decided we'd eat something.  (When in doubt, eat.)  We weren't lunch hungry, just snack hungry.  So we munched on The Wedge Trio at The Wedge.  Again, very yummy.

Another great thing about the day was that the following songs were played on the radio:

Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
One Week - Barenaked Ladies
What I Am - Edie Brickell and New Bohemians
My Own Worst Enemy - Lit

I couldn't have asked for a better song selection.

The rest of the evening was spent with my family.  After devouring a yummy meal, I opened some presents.  I loved everything, but one of the most useful things I got was a curling iron.  I do own a couple of curling irons, although you wouldn't know since my hair is always up.  They've just never done it for me.  But I've learned that barrel size makes all the difference.  My sister is fancy and knows how to do her hair like a normal person, so she picked out the perfect curling iron for me.  Happy birthday to my hair!

It was kind of a bittersweet birthday with my family.  They are moving this week and that was pretty much the last hoorah in that house.  (I'm sure that a sappy "my parents are moving out of the childhood house I grew up in" post is coming in the near future.)  I'm sad to see this chapter end, but I'm excited to see a new one begin.

Sunday, we went to church.  Colt and I played music in the service so Duke did the nursery thing for 3 hours again.  And it was successful again!

We had a picnic at the Myriad Gardens that evening with some friends.  And let me just say - the weather was so perfect!  It was so lovely sitting there, chatting and eating with friends as Duke tried to put acorns in his mouth.  (Don't worry, I stopped him.)

(Duke, Kai, and Whit - those 3 names together sound like trouble.  One syllable names mean business.)

26 years.  I recently learned Carly Rae Jepson is 26 years old.  (I know.  "Call Me Maybe" is such an "I'm-15-and-wrote-a-song" kind of song.  But hey, whatever works.)  I don't have the summer hit of 2012, but I do have a lot of other great things in my life.  Thanks everyone for the calls, texts, and messages.  It was a perfect 26th birthday.


  1. a. Yay for being 26 together!
    b. Your pictures look really great in this post.
    c. I love that you got a curling iron for your birthday - I guess it's true about wanting practicable things as gifts the older you get.
    d. You are really pretty.
    e. I want to go to Flint now.

    1. You are too kind! :) And we should double date at Flint sometime, yes??


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