Monday, July 2, 2012

weekend review - pizza rolls, earth tones, and july

This weekend I hung out at my parents' house with Duke because Colt played music at a camp with my siblings.  I was planning on going, but at the last minute I backed out.  Our plan was to head straight from camp to Minnesota with Colt's parents to see family.  I decided it was just going to be too much for Duke and me.

Okay, just too much for me.

I didn't want to stress out about him sleeping in new places and I wanted to be fresh for Minnesota.  So Duke and I are driving up to camp today, grabbing Colt, and heading there.

(Side Note:  I told a couple of my piano students last week that I was going to Minnesota.  One said, "Are you going to drink lots of soda??" followed by lots of laughter.  The other said, "Is that in Tennessee?"  Teaching 2nd graders is really fun.)

So what did I do this weekend?  On Saturday, Megan and company came over to my parents' house to swim.  And you know how swimming with babies/toddlers goes.  It takes 30 minutes to get everyone ready.  Then, after about 45 minutes in the pool, everyone is over it.  After you're out, it takes another 30 minutes to get everyone back into their dry clothes.  (Or maybe it didn't really take 30 minutes.  It sure felt like it though.)

We enjoyed a few healthy Totinos Pizza Rolls and then Megan and the kids headed back home.

On Sunday afternoon, I decided it was finally time to spend those Forever 21 gift cards I got for Christmas.  I ended up with some things I'd really been wanting.

1.  Colored Pants - They didn't have the colors I loved the most in my size.  But I ended up with a white pair and dark blue-green pair.  At $15.80, I'd love to just buy every color.

2.  Striped Top - You can't go wrong with a plain navy and white striped top.

3.  Necklace - I'm not really a jewelry person, but I've found that necklaces are the one thing I can get myself to wear without feeling gaudy.

Sara met me at the mall to offer moral support and to get a few things for herself.  While trying on clothes, we noticed that our dressing rooms have always looked the same.  Mine - browns, grays, greens.  Sara's - muted pinks, corals, salmons.  But I honestly did try to branch out.  There was a really cute coral top that I thought would be nice.  I looked ridiculous.  So, earth tones it is I guess.

As for Duke, here's where he spent a lot of his weekend:

(If the kid leaves the sippy cup behind, you know he means business.)

Oh, and can you believe it's July?  I mean, you can believe it when you walk outside because your body starts melting.  But other than that, it's crazy to me.  July means fireworks and my birthday.  And this year, it also means 4 years of blogging!

In summary, it was a very relaxing weekend which is what I needed to pump me up for this road trip.  I started my morning off with the breakfast of champions, so I should be good to go.

(Eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, and breastmilk.  And no, I didn't drink the breastmilk.  Just thought it'd be fun to have in the picture.)

I may or may not get around to blogging this week.  We shall see.  Just in case I don't, Happy 4th of July!


  1. Oooh I went shopping this weekend too - it had been a LONG time since I bought anything new. I think this weekend was a crazy weekend for sales - I got some really good deals! And guess what? I bought my first pair of colored jeans too!


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