Thursday, September 27, 2012

master bathroom - ultra pure white

For our master bathroom, I wanted something different, clean, and fresh.  The color on the walls was our first concern.  After looking at different blogs and magazines, I landed on ultra pure white.  White would maybe help the room look a bit larger than it is and allow for some other fun accent colors.  

I talked about dreadfully removing the wallpaper here.  So, here it is after the butterflies and flowers were pretty much gone:

Next on the list was texturing.  As I've shared with people about texturing this room, some of them have been absolutely amazed.  Although I could've totally let them believe that texturing truly is an extremely difficult task that involves an abundance of creativity and skill, I went ahead and told them the truth.  Which is this:  anybody can texture.  I've textured a few walls in my lifetime and even though I think I've gotten a better idea of how to achieve the results and the look I like, it's always been easy.  So, if you're on the fence about texturing something or paying someone to do it, save yourself a couple bucks and just do it yourself.  It's not bad.  And it makes you feel kind of artsy fartsy like a painter or something.

Here it is with the texture:

And now the paint:

It may seem like a total yawn fest because there is zero color, but I plan on fixing that.  I'd like to throw in some accent pieces (frames, bath mats, etc.) to liven the place up a bit and add some color.  I'd also love to eventually stain the wood a richer color, replace the faucet/shower head, have a normal place/way to hang our towels, and fix the drawer on the vanity.  It's a work in progress, but I sure am glad to have clean, white walls.


  1. What a change! I think it's the perfect blank palette :) And you definitely have one up on me - I've never textured before!


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