Thursday, August 23, 2012

master bathroom - wallpaper removal is terrible

I mentioned that this past weekend Colt and I started on a couple projects in our home.  My project is our master bathroom.  Our master bathroom is anything but "master," so this is a good, small place to start.

Unfortunately, it begins with removing the wallpaper.  In a rush to feel "moved in,"  we painted over some wallpaper in our home 3 years ago.  (I can't believe we've lived here 3 years!)  I chose Cajun Red.  Why?  Well, because I love fall.  I have always been such a fan of fall and fall colors.  I was excited that it would be fall all year round in my house.  What I didn't know is that it wasn't as big of a deal when I wasn't home all day immersed in it.  It has officially been a little over a year since I've been at home all day every day.  Feeling fall all year round isn't as wonderful as I imagined.  It's actually a bit depressing. 

I wanted a new look and I knew that a new color on the walls was necessary.  After deciding on my colors and the look of it all, I read this post by a blog I just stumbled upon.  This was exactly the color situation I found myself in.  So, on to lighter, fresher, crisper, brighter colors.

The first step is to remove the wallpaper.

Here's what we started with:

Here's where we are right now:

It's like peeling an orange.  Sometimes you get those oranges that peel in one easy movement.  When you peel an orange in one piece, it's like you've conquered the world.  But sometimes you get those oranges that tear off in teensy, teensy pieces until you finally just attack the thing with a knife.  And then you end up taking chunks out of the actual wall.

So, it's been easy and hard at the same time.  Some parts have peeled off without any moisture or tools of any kind.  Some parts have barely peeled off with scoring, wallpaper removal gel, and the scraper.  It's been hit and miss.

And what was the wallpaper like, you ask?  Oh, you know, butterflies and flowers.  I know wallpaper is back in style, but please, for the sake of the person that buys your house next, choose a pattern that's a bit more universal.

Here's one last look of our current before and after:

  I hope to get the rest of it removed tomorrow!


  1. Eww...brings back memories, scratch that, nightmares. We removed wall paper in our tiny master bath when moved into our house almost 7 years ago. I NEVER want to remove wallpaper again! I can relate, since I've been home all day everyday, I now see my decorating/arranging choices differently. I've already been cleaning out, rearranging, and changing things that bother me.

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I never want to do it again either!

  2. I was going to say "Looking good!" but then realized that it's not true - it will look good though, I'm sure! BUT it is looking like there's lots of progress being done so YEAY!!

    1. Definitely not looking good! haha Hopefully by the end of next week it will though!


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