Thursday, October 11, 2012

happy fall, y'all

(Everybody seems to be rhyming "fall" and "y'all" these days so I thought I'd join in.)

The past several years, I have come to love the season of fall.  As a kid, I was a fan of summer and I'm pretty sure it was only because I got to sleep in, wear tube tops, and go swimming.  (Half kidding about the tube tops.)

But now, the crisp and cool fall weather is definitely my favorite.  Adding a scarf to a cardigan, replacing a frozen hot chocolate with a peg tea, and donning a pair of boots are just a few of the things I look forward to.  However, I think what I felt last fall really sealed the deal for me.

Last fall I was pregnant with Duke.  I remember the first morning that actually felt a little chilly.  I thought, Oh my.  We're now in the season of my due date.  I really am going to have a baby.  Waiting for Duke to come was such an exciting time.  The anticipation, sparkle, and glow that fall had last year is something I think I'll always feel now - pregnant or not.  This year as it rolled around, I felt myself getting excited.  From now on, I think fall will represent something new and fresh for me.

But this year, "new and fresh" means something specific.  Last week, I went to my first visit with a counselor.  If you remember my story from this past July, you know why I felt the need to do this.  In general, I'm really feeling okay.  But there is this underlying anxiety that I just don't feel equipped to handle on my own.  So with the help of God and my counselor, I plan on kicking it to the curb.  (I can't say "kick it to the curb" without thinking of Keisha lyrics.  Someone please tell me why she's famous.)

Although dealing with anxiety is a frustrating place to be in, I've never felt so comforted by the peace of God.  So in the midst of the chaos that can plant itself in my heart and mind, I feel very at rest.  It's a tough and exciting journey all at the same time.

My hope is that fall will mean something new and fresh for you as well.

Just for funnies, I'd like to leave you with one of my older posts about fall:  top 6 things about fall break mornings  This may be one of my most favorite posts to re-read.

Oh, and I'm getting that fall I-feel-like-I-want-to-cut-bangs-again itch.  What do I do?  Go with it?  Fight it?  Somebody help!

Happy fall, y'all!

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