Friday, March 22, 2013

5 things (plus a giveaway)

I got tagged by my lovely friend, Ashley, to do one of those "5 things" deals that's been going around the blogosphere.  Challenge accepted.  Here are 5 random things about me:

1.  During my elementary years, I was in a bowling league.  My grandparents picked us up from school 1-2 times a week and we headed to the lanes.  My grandpa and Mark (my brother) were a team and my grandma and I were a team.  I'm not sure which pair it was, but one of our names was The Cliffhangers.  (Because my maiden name was Clifford.  Cool.)  Although I loved bowling, I really loved raiding my grandma's gold coin purse for dimes so I could go buy some gummy bears and a Dr. Pepper.  Nom.

2.  I have gray hair.  And by this I mean, I have a lot of gray hair.   Not just a few strands, not just a small streak - lots.  After seeing a friend post her newly and purposefully dyed dark gray hair on Facebook, I decided that maybe this is one of those few times in life when I'm accidentally in style and I didn't even know it.  Maybe.

3.  I love to write music.  I released my first ever by-myself EP last July. (Click here to download it for free.)  The next musical project floating around in my head is to record a short album that, through song, tells the story of my journey with anxiety.  Hopefully that will happen sometime in this next year.

4.  I've never broken a bone.  I always wanted to though.  It wasn't fair that I was the only kid that didn't get to come to elementary school with a cast for people who didn't really care about them to sign.  (But I'm sure my parents' wallet would disagree.)  The closest I got to broken bones was when my left arm got pulled out of socket and I had to wear a sling.  But slings are definitely not as cool as casts.

5.  I don't wear heels.  I'm 5'9 and a half.  And that half is very important.  My husband is 5'10 and because of my freshman-in-high-school insecurities that still linger in me, I've always had this thing about being taller than him.  However, recently I purchased some booties at Old Navy with quite a bit of heel on them.  Probably 2 inches.  But I decided I didn't care and that one of these days, I was going to get over that taller-than-my-husband-in-heels thing.  We'll see if I'm brave enough.
Well, that was fun!  If you feel inspired, I'd love to see Becky, Leslie, and Ashley post 5 things. :)

Now, for the giveaway!  Shabby Apple contacted me and wants to give one of my readers a $15 certificate.  Take a look around on their site at their lovely items.  Specifically, check out their vintage clothing.

Here's how you enter:
1.  Leave a comment on this post letting me know what Shabby Apple item you'd love to have.

(Winner must be located in the U.S.)

That's it, folks.  This giveaway will be open until Thursday, March 28th at 11:59 p.m.  The winner will be announced sometime on Friday, March 29th.  Good luck!


  1. i love the trajan cuff!

    p.s. LOVE your wedding dress claire!!!

  2. I love their tops! They have really cute stuff!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Claire! Haha I love the bowling league story. And that your name was the Cliffhangers. Classic.

    P.S. I like the high tea skirt from Shabby Apple!

  4. I like the aphrodite dress.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I love all of their stuff! So hard to chose! And if I win, can you contact me by email? That'd be great!


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