Friday, March 1, 2013

free music from page cxvi/the autumn film

I'm way late (okay, 8 hours late) to this party, but that's what happens when your 16 month old wants to read every single book you own for the duration of the morning.  I didn't realize until today that I have "Brown Bear, Brown Bear," "Go, Dog, Go," and "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" completely memorized.  I'm fancy, huh? 

Anytime I get a little down, thinking all my "important" and "smart" knowledge is gone and has been replaced with superb animal noises and the ability to sustain a fish face, I sing the quadratic equation song in my head just to make sure I remember it.  So, yeah, I can memorize children's books, but I still know the quadratic equation, y'all.  Boom.

Okay, all of that to say ...

Remember this post when I fell in love with Page CXVI?  Well, they have some crazy news.

All of their music from both bands (Page CXVI and The Autumn Film) will be available for FREE download for the month of March!  They've recorded a total of 11 albums (74 songs) together.  This includes everything from their versions of classic hymns to really emotive indie pop music.  If you've always wanted to give them a listen, here's your chance!  You won't be disappointed.

I'm still waiting for that moment for Tifah to be like, "Hey Claire!"  And I'm like, "Oh, hey."  And she's like, "I heard you sing and play the piano.  Want to be best friends and play music together sometime?"  And I'm like, "I mean, sure, it's whatever (screaming inside)."  I'll keep you guys updated on that.

But seriously, get their music.  And if you don't want their music, then at least share it, re-tweet it, tell your friends, etc.  They're wonderful musicians and seem like nice people as well.  I wrote Tifah an email after their concert in OKC telling her how much I appreciated her music and her honesty.  And guess what?  She wrote me back.  See?  Nice people. 

Enjoy the tunes!


  1. Oooh, yay! We have wanted to get their lullaby album for a while now. :) I will wait no further!

  2. March is off to a great start!!! Thanks for sharing this, Claire!If they come to Portland, you and Mr. Westie should come and, who knows, play with her? :)

    1. Uh, that would be totally awesome.



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