Monday, March 18, 2013

weekend review - giraffes, 8 miles, and small feet

Friday was Zoo day!

We met up with Sara, Reese, and Merritt for the morning.  Duke loved getting to see the animals and wave "hi" and "bye" to all of them.

 (Sweet little Merritt)

He was a little partial to the giraffes, as his favorite thing ever is his giraffe stuffed animal.

(He got to feed the giraffe some romaine lettuce and he absolutely loved it.  Lots of giggling!)

After about 1.5 hours of exploring, it was time for lunch.

(Duke munched on his potato bread while I enjoyed Zoo chicken strips, fries, and a coke.  In my defense, he's been teething like crazy and will pretty much only eat carbs and fruit right now.  I let him try a piece of chicken and he wasn't into it.  Thank goodness.)

After lunch, Duke and I went home so he could take his afternoon nap.  While he slept, I worked out in the yard and trimmed some trees.  Who would've thought that after an entire day spent outside, I'd be a little sunburned?  Obviously not me.  I felt kind of ridiculous.  I told Sara that that being sunburned seems so dumb looking and juvenile now.  Next time, I'll remember the SPF.

On Friday night, Colt, Duke, and I ate our dinner outside.  (Which is great for little peoples who can't quite self-feed and are dropping food.  Also, dogs make great vacuums.  We may be eating outside all summer.)  After dinner, we took a little walk around Lake Hefner.

I woke up at 5:45 a.m. on Saturday morning to get my 8 miles in.  Unfortunately, I didn't plan too well and ended up running my last 4 miles against the wind.  But my goal was to finish in 1 hr. and 28 min. and I finished in 1 hr. and 29 min.  So I was very pleased!  The rest of the morning, I played with Duke outside and picked weeds.

By the the time Duke went down for a nap, Colt and I were pretty exhausted.

We decided we'd take one too and get rested up for our fun date night ahead - Sushi Neko and Cuppies.

After church on Sunday, I went thrift store shopping with my mother-in-law.  Naturally, I found 386 pairs of shoes that were so perfect and cute.  And way too small.  I instagrammed a picture of these little guys to see if there were any takers.

I hope they made it to a nice home.

Have a lovely Monday!

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  1. Great run! Way to get up early. Good grief! And I love that blanket. Looks warm :)

    1. Thanks! Both Colt and I needed to do our 8 miles and these days, we're trying to beat the sun too! It's always just a bit sad when Spring shows up because that means running has to start happening wayyy earlier. :)


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