Tuesday, March 19, 2013

what i learned from the closet cleanout

(If you missed my latest post about my big closet cleanout day, read it here.)

In the process of weeding out 112 items from my wardrobe, I learned a few things about my personal style. 

What I learned about my style based on what I actually wear:

I don't really take any risks.
I love neutral colors and when given the chance to buy a new top, I typically choose black or gray.
I don't get too dressy.

What I learned about my desired style based on my Pinterest Style board:

Sure, I love neutral colors, but I appreciate a pop of color here and there.
I evidently think every outfit should consist of a scarf.
For as many blazers as I have pinned, it's funny that I only own one.
I'm a fan of stripes.

What I learned about my wardrobe based on the outcome of the closet cleanout:

I had LOTS of wide leg pants.  I mean, y'all, when the fashion police announced they were cool, I must've jumped in my car immediately and purchased 10 pairs.  The pants got bigger and bigger as I tried them on.

I had a lot of things that just weren't me.  For example, things that are pink.  Things that have frilly stuff everywhere.  Things that involve ironing.

I had a lot of complicated tops.  I'm tired of wearing things under things, needing to find special bras for certain shirts, having to wear a cardigan over some weird blouse.  I want to own shirts that fit me and don't require a bunch of extra homework.

I had (well, still have) lots of cheap things.  Cheap things in and of themselves aren't bad.  But sometimes if I see something, it fits me, and it's cheap, then I buy it.  Then I wear it once and decide it's not that cute.  Must stop this now.  This problem won't be solved by buying more expensive things.  I just need to be pickier when it comes to cheap items.

I have to stop living in my past.  In college, it was awesome and totally acceptable to clothe yourself with 2-4 layers daily.  White spaghetti strap, gray tank, thrift store t-shirt, and a cardigan describes a typical college girl outfit for me and my friends.  (Because of this, my husband and his friends deemed us The Layer Girls.)  That no longer works.  It's not cool and newsflash, I'm a mom.  I can't be parading around in t-shirts, skirts, cardigans, and Chacos all the day long.  And not because moms need to dress like boring moms.  But they also don't need to try and reinvent their 19 year old selves.

I'm pretty sure I learned more than five things, but for now, that's what I've got.  Can I get an "Amen" on any of this?


  1. I don't think there is a woman in the world (that has more than five outfits in her closet), that doesn't feel exactly like this...Our closets and choices in said closets, say a lot about us...that's probably the number one reason to clean them out occasionally. Who we are, changes with the years, but it's interesting to go back down memory lane (and the older you get - the longer that lane becomes). :)

    1. Haha yes, going down memory lane certainly can be interesting. :)

  2. Haha, the part about the complicated tops made me laugh a whole lot. You definitely had a few items that were drape-y and confusing :) Not that those are bad, but it is so hard to wear something if you have to wear a specific bra or it only goes with one pair of pants, etc.

    So glad we are over the "layer girl" stage. Wearing multiple clothing items was so confusing!

    1. Oh gosh, yes. The drape-y tops! Where the heck did all of those come from??

  3. Totally with you on being more selective on the cheap clothing! I have to constantly ask myself if I'm buying it because I love it or because it's cheap.

  4. Amen. You're a mom but you're not a boring one. You're a cool, hot mom - ask Colt! - and I look forward to seeing you wear some cool and hot stuff, with a sparkle of color. :) And there's nothing wrong with scarfs - dressing up is all about the accessories! Just sayin'!

    1. Haha Oh, Mirela. You're too kind. We'll see what kind of "hot stuff" I can come up with. ;)

  5. I hadn't thought of looking at your style board to see how that compares to what you actually own. Interesting! And good job on getting rid of that much! Impressive.


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