Tuesday, July 9, 2013

how to organize running bibs

Once upon a time, I had a cute frame with a cork board in it.  All of our race bibs were thumb-tacked onto it.

And then all of it came crashing down because it wasn't hanging on the wall securely, it was homemade, and I probably used the wrong kind of glue for the cork board.  I was trying to DIY before I knew what DIY even was.

I wanted another way to organize our bibs but still have them in a place where we could look at them if we felt like it.  You know, so I can look back on that time I ran a half marathon without training and feel awesome about myself.

I decided on a giant photo album from good ole Hob Lob.

I write the name, date, and location of the race at the top of a piece of paper, tape the bibs on, and slide it in.  I write the distance and our times on the bibs themselves.

Every once and a while I flip through these pages.  It's exciting to see how my times have improved.  It's also funny to remember that one time Colt and I ran an 8k and he was so disappointed in his time that he made me not write it down.  Guess we'll never know how "slow" he was.  Blame it on the really greasy eggs we ate the morning of the race.  Not the best idea.

How do you guys organize your running bibs?  Or do you?


  1. I love this idea Claire! Such a fun way for you guys to look back on all your races!

  2. Timberline Half Marathon = my favorite bib. :) Good idea!


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