Monday, July 22, 2013

weekend review - texturing ceilings, my 1997 radio show, and home crap home

On Friday, I spent the entire day ripping off the last parts of the wallpaper in our living room.  This wallpaper removal didn't seem as terrible as the bathroom wallpaper removal.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's because it's a large enough room to breathe and function in.  But while I think it went faster, it was probably more frustrating.  In this particular room, it was so difficult determining where the wallpaper ended.  I just kept finding fuzzy paper after fuzzy paper.  And I wasn't hitting the wall.  So at one point, I just had to stop.

(Duke entertained us while we did house stuff.)

The night ended with a trip to Lowe's and some snow cones.  It's just really too bad that they're next door to each other.  Home improvement projects in our house inevitably mean lots of snow cones.

Saturday was July 20th.  I talked a bit about the anticipation of this day here.  I plan on dedicating a whole post to it.  But for now, just know that we began texturing our walls and our living room is an absolute mess.

We all went early to church on Sunday since Colt and I were playing.  Although Brad Kilman, our new worship pastor, has officially been there a few weeks, this was my first week to get to play with him.  I'm really excited about this new season for our church.

Later that evening, we had a little play time with some friends. 

(the future of music)

We got home, put Duke in bed, and textured a bit more on the ceiling.  (In case you didn't know, texturing ceilings = hell.)  So you can imagine how much fun we were having.  However, things changed when I stumbled upon a little box of tapes.

These tapes consist of Karlie (1st grade) and I (6th grade) hosting our little radio show.  Watch out, Jack and Ron.  We played all the hits of 1997, like "Do You Know What it Takes," "If You Could Only See," "You Make Me Wanna," and "Tubthumping."  Of course, we interjected our commentary in between the songs that we recorded by holding up our Fisher Price microphone to the speakers of the boom box.  Oh, if only you guys could hear an audio clip of this madness.

Well, I have yet to share about my birthday or my girls trip to Colorado or post my 30 by 30 list or etc.  But all of those things are coming.

So, to summarize my life right now, I guess you'd say I'm behind on blogging and I'm living in Home Crap Home. (A term coined by Tom Hanks in Money Pit.  And if you've never seen that movie, you've never lived.)  But by Sunday, I'll have a fresh, shiny, new living room.  Can't wait to share pictures!


  1. That is too funny! I was just telling a friend about how my sister and I would do the exact same thing! Can't wait to see your finished home project!

    1. Haha must've been the popular thing to do!

      And thanks! I can't wait for it to be finished ... :)

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