Monday, September 30, 2013

weekend review - egg rolls, cookies, and pumpkin spice lattes

Colt and I went into this weekend with high hopes of it being completely awesome.  Usually with that kind of expectation, you end up disappointed.  But not this time - our weekend was truly one of my most favorite weekends we've had in awhile.  Lots of family time, moments to lounge around, some time to clean the house, a night out on the town, and dinner with friends.

We went to H&8th on Friday for the sole purpose of eating egg rolls and fried rice from Taste of Soul Egg Roll.  Our taste buds were in heaven. 

(Duke really enjoyed listening to the band play, but he was very confused as to why he couldn't go up and play the "boom booms" with them.)

On Saturday we had Party Bandits band practice for a wedding reception gig this weekend.  Guys, one of my items from my 30 X 30 list is about to get crossed off and I'm so excited. 

Later, Ashley and Eric came over to eat and have football on in the background while we talked over it.  We love getting to spend time with these sweet friends.  We also love making the best chocolate chip cookies ever with them.  (If you STILL have not tried this recipe, you are crazy.)

I'm so excited that we will now be turning the corner into October.  And for those of you that are bah humbug about fall and wish all of those annoying girls (me) would just shut up about scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, and tights, you need to chill.  You can't fight the wonderfulness of fall.  You just can't.  I'm hoping to get some fall decorations up this week and I can't wait!

How about you guys?  Have you pulled out your fall decor yet?


  1. Seriously, not trying those cookies really is CRAZY. Last night, I savored the ones you sent home with us... gah, they are so good!

    We had such a great time with you guys - I'm already ready to schedule our next hang out :)

  2. You bet I've pulled out my fall - just made a new wreath for the door (which I haven't done since little man was born). Absolutely my favorite time of the year!

  3. We almost went and then decided to stay in for the night. looks like it was fun!


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