Thursday, September 19, 2013

30 x 30

I love lists.
I love goals.
I love dreams.

So in honor of all of those loves and not being 30 yet, I thought I'd do a "30 by 30" list like every other woman blogger out there.  I wanted to keep it specific so I could easily see what I've accomplished.  Giving myself 3 years to complete all of this sounds like quite an adventure, but I plan on conquering!

Write a book

Write a children's book

Run a half marathon in 2:15

Record a lullaby album with my mom and sister CHECK

Go to NYC with Colt CHECK

Play "I Gotta Feeling" at a wedding reception with The Party Bandits CHECK
(Oh, you haven't heard of us?  Well, we've only had one gig, but that's not important.  We're 7 people and we play wedding receptions and events.  We can pull off anything from Disney covers to James Taylor to Beyonce to Justin Timberlake.  You know you want us.)

Plant/maintain a garden (whether it's full of veggies or boring bushes)

Have another kid CHECK

Eat chips and queso with Sara, Reese, Big Mama, and Gulley (for realz)

Get asked to open for someone

Become debt free (student loans) CHECK

Be able to make the perfect imitation of Yamato fried rice

Have 30 scriptures memorized

Remodel our kitchen

Assemble a choir for something (church, an event, a wedding, etc.) and sing in it

Take Duke (and whoever else might be called "my child" someday) to a Kindermusik class CHECK

Attend a blog conference with Ashley 

Achieve the long hair I've never had the patience to wait for and then decide if long hair really is my thing or not CHECK

Work up 2 old piano pieces from college

Have a good system of organization for my pictures on my computer and phone

See Regina Spektor in concert CHECK

Record an album of my own

Do something completely unexpected and totally out of my comfort zone

Go camping as a family

Pay for someone else's meal/drink in a drive-thru CHECK

Go to a movie (If you're confused about this one, you probably never read this post.) CHECK

Finish painting all of the woodwork white in our first house

Go to California for the first time CHECK

Have a successful, growing business with Nerium

Finish one of my choral pieces and have it recorded by some really awesome vocalists

What's on your list?


  1. These are all fantastic goals! I love lists like this. Good luck ! :)

  2. Excellent list! I especially like the children's book. That is something I would really like to work on someday as well.

  3. Woot woot! I love reading people's 30x30s! I think I love yours the most because I made the list! How fun would it be to go to a blog conference?! Like, amazing. I can totally see us being really awkward about it but having an amazing time :)

    Seriously, love this list!


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